As the market continued to recover slowly and steadily after the June 21 slump, some altcoins recovered earlier than expected. On the contrary, others envisioned a more consolidated range and struggled to pull their values ​​up. EOS, for example, tested its lower support level when its price fell to its February 2021 low.

As for polygon, bZx started on the network to support margin trading, borrowing and lending on the polygon network. MATIC’s price showed slight rallies during this introduction. Finally, Dogecoin rebounded nearly 40% over the past week.

Dogecoin [DOGE]Source: DOGE / USD – TradingView

DOGE envisioned a decent rebound from the June 21 drop, but its price failed to hold the level and fell nearly 14% in 24 hours. The old was 65.74% below his ATH with a Break-even multiple of 2.92. DOGE was trading at $ 0.24 at press time and was ranked sixth on CoinMarketCap.

The Squeeze momentum indicator an active squeeze release (white dots) was indicated for the Alt, paired with the appearance of dark green bars, which indicate a bearish trend for the asset. Additionally, the capital inflows for the asset were neutral, according to the Chaikin money flow. The indicator stayed below zero at the time of going to press, holding outflows predominantly (also highlighted by the slight downward stick) as it lingered in the bearish territory.

Dogecoin tested its support at $ 0.23 on June 25 and then bounced back. The resistance level for the asset was $ 0.29 at the time of writing. If bearish momentum continues, price may test the support level in the near future.

EOSSource: EOS / USD – TradingView

EOS fell to its February 2021 levels after the drop tested its lower support at $ 3.1 on June 21. However, the altcoin soon bounced back, testing the USD 3.55 resistance and turning it into support. At press time, EOS was trading at $ 3.6 as it tested the $ 3.55 support before climbing back up, as evidenced by the appearance of a green bar on the 4-hour chart becomes.

The Bollinger bands because the asset showed a slight convergence showing less volatility and a less widened price range as the asset recovered from its lower lows. In addition, some downward momentum could be observed on the Great oscillator with the appearance of red bars below the zero line.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) for EOS was in the neutral zone and had a value of 38.8 at the time of going to press. The slight increase in the RSI indicated an increase in buying pressure, but the dominance of the sellers remained.

MATICSource: MATIC / USD – TradingView

MATIC was trading at $ 1.07 at press time, after seeing a weekly price decline of 9.72% and a 24-hour price decline of 23.66%. After testing its lower support at $ 0.93 on June 22, the asset rebounded, fluctuating between the $ 1.06 support and the $ 1.24 resistance level. However, at the time of writing, the asset was hovering near the support level at $ 1.06.

The recent drop in prices corresponded Great oscillators Bearish momentum is building on the chart. Accordingly, the Parabolic SAR‘s white dots appeared above the candlesticks and ended the old’s slight uptrend of the past two days.

Finally, that MACD and signal lines experienced a bearish crossover on June 25, a result that indicated a further decline in the price of the asset. If the alt price continues to fall, it could reverse the $ 1.06 support to resistance.

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