The global crypto market cap was $ 1.41 trillion. Bitcoin has seen its price rise 2.8% in the past 24 hours, and other altcoins have followed suit and seen a noticeable price recovery. Ethereum, Uniswap and Monero price movements have been positive as the coins were trading green at press time.


Ethereum, Uniswap and Monero price analysis: June 28th

ETH / USD, TradingView

After the price drop on June 24th, Ethereum finally hit the road to recovery and in the past 24 hours prices rose 9%. The coin was trading in green at the time of publication and was trading at $ 2000.74.

The coin began to show bullish momentum as through. displayed MACD Histograms were visible as green bars at the time of going to press, the coin went through a bullish crossover on June 26th.

Ether’s price correction also showed a reversal Relative Strength Index as the indicator moved above its neutral zone to indicate an increase in the number of buyers in the market. Bollinger bands stayed parallel but marked a tiny convergence indicating low volatility.


Ethereum, Uniswap and Monero price analysis: June 28th

UNI / USD, TradingView

In the past 24 hours, UNI rebounded 7% and was trading in the green with the asset valued at $ 17.17. Since June 21st, UNI’s price action has been constrained between its immediate support and resistance levels, and with an uptrend continuing, the next resistance for the coin would be at $ 18.46.

In relation to rising or falling prices, Bollinger bands converged at press time, indicating that no major price movement was to be expected.

On MACD Indicator, the histograms marked the beginning of a bullish signal with a bullish crossover that occurred on June 27th. Chaikin money flow registered a decline from the neutral zone; this reading led to a decrease in capital inflows and an increase in capital outflows.


Ethereum, Uniswap and Monero price analysis: June 28th

XMR / USD, TradingView

XMR prices have gone up; over the past 24 hours prices rose 7.2% and climbed towards their resistance level of $ 226. On the Great oscillator Indicator, green lines visible below the zero lines indicated that the bullish momentum had increased over the past 48 hours.

Price movements in the market and volatility could see a decline since Bollinger bands were Narrowing at the time of going to press. XMR would experience less price volatility in line with what it was measured at the time of going to press.

In accordance with XMR’s price increase, Parabolic SAR shows an uptrend since June 26th which has remained the same at the time of writing as the dotted lines were seen below the candles.

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