The race between the king coin and the largest altcoin has been discussed lately. Although Bitcoin has taken the top spot and the chances of this changing in the near future are slim, there have been interesting conversations on both sides of the debate. Some believe Ethereum is approaching the top spot, while others are skeptical of the alternative.

Long-time Bitcoin proponent Michael Saylor once again struck a bullish tone in an interview with analyst Benjamin Cowen. When asked about the top old Ethereum, the entrepreneur had to draw a rather bizarre parallel.

He called Bitcoin a digital property and applauded upgrades like Taproot that makes it better. On the other hand, the entrepreneur called Ethereum a decentralized platform that “competes with large technology companies and the applications running on it compete with financial companies and banks”.

He further added:

“It (Ethereum) is complex and competitive, but lacks regulatory clarity. The three big risk factors are complexity, competition and clarity. It’s a lot more complex. Applications must be designed for functionality and performance. Bitcoin doesn’t need that. Adding functionality and performance increases the risk factor. “

To put it simply, Ethereum is more of a company, according to Saylor, because you do dapps on it and it offers a platform. He said, “If someone has a billion dollars to bet on either a digital property (BTC) or a digital company (Ethereum), it should be on Bitcoin”.

There were many reactions to these statements. One such reaction came from George Tung’s podcast, in which he said:

“That wasn’t a good interview. Ben asked some basic questions and the answers were just huge, convoluted and defensive. “

The YouTuber later underlined in his video that Bitcoin Maxis “need to stop beating Ethereum and other alts”. Regarding Bitcoin maxis, Tung also spoke about Jack Dorsey’s tweet reiterating that he won’t buy Ethereum. Despite the activities of the social media platform with Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens, the Twitter founder once again said “No” to Ethereum.

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