After trading on mixed signals last week, cryptocurrencies have shown signs of recovery today. Most have seen their prices rise slightly in the past 24 hours. XRP’s trading volume rose 34.48% since yesterday, while Dogecoin finally saw some buying pressure and Cardano finally showed signs of a possible breakout.


XRP, Dogecoin and Cardano price analysis: July 12th:

XRP / USD, TradingView

After switching between losing and winning, XRP finally found itself in the uptrend, trading in the green at $ 0.66. The Alt is up 5% in the past 24 hours, although its prices may consolidate between a tight range and a bull push may drive prices. If so, the coin could test the resistance at $ 0.73.

A steady upward trend was followed by increased buying pressure in the market Relative Strength Index tended upwards. Corresponding, Chaikin money flow also noted that at the time of this writing, capital inflows were still greater than capital outflows.

A build-up of the bullish signal was observed on the observed MACD Indicator as the green histograms gained strength after the bullish crossover on July 9th.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

XRP, Dogecoin and Cardano price analysis: July 12th:

DOGE / USD, TradingView

Dogecoin ‘s move on the charts was sideways within a constrained price zone before the Alt plunged 12.4% last week. DOGE was still quite far from the critical price support range of $ 0.178 as the coin was trading at $ 0.218 at press time. However, as prices continue to fall, DOGE’s value could fall near its key support level. Dogecoin had partially reversed its decline as the coin rebounded marginally 3.4% over the past 24 hours.

However, with prices falling in the past few days, the sell-off signal was also strong at the time of going to press Relative Strength Index moved near the median line suggesting buyers were returning to the market. Great oscillator also issued bullish signals as the green signal bars were visibly stronger at the time of writing.

Bollinger bands squeezed further, underscoring a limited price movement with tiny market volatility.

Cardano (ADA)

XRP, Dogecoin and Cardano price analysis: July 12th:

ADA / USD, TradingView

Cardano’s prices remained wedged between the $ 1.30 and $ 1.48 levels. The coin was on the top at the time of writing as the cops have taken power over the past 24 hours. ADAs was trading at $ 1.36 and if price action remained bullish the coin could test its resistance level of $ 1.48 in upcoming trading sessions.

Bollinger bands remained tight, suggesting limited price action and a possible breakout. Since prices have increased in the past 24 hours, the Parabolic SAR the dotted lines under the candlesticks are aligned and pointing to an increase.

Despite its prices, increase, Average direction index on ADA cards remained below the 20 mark, which meant a trendless price movement and indicated the presence of a market weakness.


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