Bitcoin was priced at $ 32,024.68 and is down 4.1% in the last 24 hours at press time. As a result, other altcoins also saw price movements towards the south. At the time of writing, EOS had lost 8.8% of its valuation in 24 hours, dragging its market cap down on the charts. Monero saw slight buying pressure despite a price drop and eventually IOTA fell through its key support level of $ 0.72.


EOS, Monero and IOTA price analysis: July 14th

EOS / USD, TradingView

EOS was trading at $ 3.65 at the time of writing, down 8.8% from the day. EOS has traded in the $ 4.31-3.88 range for the past few days before corrections took their toll again. This devaluation also had an impact on trading volume as it fell 19.79% over the past 24 hours.

In terms of volatility, the Alt intended to test the $ 4.70 level. However, at press time, it was testing the $ 3.66 support level. The Bollinger bands then also parted ways, This suggests that some volatility can be expected.

Capital inflows fell again, with the Chaikin money flow falling below the center line highlighting the strength of the capital outflow. EOS’s bearish turnaround was brought about by the Great oscillator also show red signal bars.

Monero [XMR]

EOS, Monero and IOTA price analysis: July 14th

XMR / USD, TradingView

The daily technical chart for Monero showed that XMR was losing momentum at the time of writing, down 6.5% in the past 24 hours. The price of Monero had consolidated over the past week between the resistance and support levels of $ 225 and $ 196. With today’s decline, the old’s price fell below the critical support level of $ 196.

However, some buy signals were evident. The Relative Strength Index noted a small spike at press time, a result suggesting buyers were coming back to the market after the old’s price fell. The Monero price trend was confirmed by the presence of the dotted lines above the candlesticks, as by the Parabolic SAR.

Since the price of XMR is showing weakness and struggling to stay afloat, Great oscillator saw ascending red signal bars in the histogram.


EOS, Monero and IOTA price analysis: July 14th

IOTA / USD, TradingView

The IOTA price movement has remained in a range since the last week of June. At the time of writing, the alt was falling through its key support level of $ 0.72 as it was trading at $ 0.70. This price marked a new low for IOTA since the beginning of July. With a drop in value of 16.5% over the past week, IOTA struggled to get out of the bearish zone.

Parabolic SAR showed that the dotted lines line up above the price level to indicate that a downtrend was at play. The MACD The indicator showed a bearish crossover on July 12th, which sent out a sell signal. At the time of going to press, the red histograms were getting bigger, suggesting that price would move south in the near future.

The Great oscillator also came to the same conclusion.


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