The global freight transportation sector is a very valuable industry that is responsible for the daily delivery of products. It plays a vital role in maintaining the supply and demand chain, even when manipulated with inefficiencies.

Supply chain efficiency depends not only on deliveries on time, but also on accurate, immediate and effective tracking of products, shipments and fleets. However, most of the industry still relies on outdated technology, leading to delivery delays, wasted resources such as fuel, time and money, and unfair advantages for middlemen.

In theory, with the development of the Internet of Things, every part of the supply chain has changed. But the use cases of the technology are still minimal due to a lack of enforcement. However, in order to move forward in the top generation, it is important to research emerging technologies that can usefully change the supply chain model and that can be used for sustainable mutation of tracking.

Fortunately, LaneAxis has taken on the task of combining blockchain technology with the freight industry to provide an excellent, brokerless direct network. Blockchain technology offers new and promising opportunities for supply chain management and tracking. It can potentially improve supply chain transparency and traceability and reduce administrative costs.

Blockchain promotes sustainability

Blockchain has the power to drive positive change on a large scale.It has become an important part of a sustainable future by promoting direct consumer-producer relationships and eliminating middlemen. Blockchain improves supply chain and tracking practices by introducing smart contracts that act as unbiased and immutable transaction records between shipper and carrier.

The main advantages of the blockchain are that it can ensure transparency and improve security. Every transaction performed on the blockchain is permanent as there is a historical record of every transaction that cannot be tampered with. Plus, it offers an unbiased and safer financial institution than the traditional one.

The key areas of the shipping process where blockchain can potentially deliver transformative results are:

  • The implementation of blockchain technology will potentially reduce the administrative and operational costs and risks associated with the parties involved in the process by bringing more transparency and efficiency
  • Blockchain will digitize the freight industry to a new level and offer everyone involved equal and fair opportunities

LaneAxis: The game changer for the global freight transport industry

After a decade of research and development, LaneAxis has created a revolutionary platform for direct interaction between shippers and carriers. LaneAxis sets new standards for the freight transport industry by reducing major disadvantages such as –

  • Broker-dominated trucking industry inefficiencies
  • Lack of transparency
  • Brokerage Sector Growth
  • No driver network
  • Expensive services
  • No direct negotiation

LaneAxis takes a multi-pronged approach to address these issues and uses AXIS tokens as a tool to bring about the change. In addition to the AXIS token, LaneAxis uses its patented software (FreightVISION app), artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to create a fair and optimized environment for shippers and truckers.

What does LaneAXIS offer?

Shippers and truckers have long relied on intermediaries who connect them for a high fee. LaneAxis eliminates this need for intermediaries by creating a database of all information from shippers, truckers and third parties like insurance agencies etc. This database also contains information such as loading and unloading times, the trucker’s estimated delivery time, and his performance rating, the shipper’s shipment loading time, etc.

Shippers can publish their requirements for a trucker with all the necessary information on LaneAxis and truckers bid on them for the order. Shippers can then select the right person for delivery using a FICO-style ranking system developed by LaneAxis, which categorizes truckers based on their performance.

LaneAxis optimizes the payment process by generating a smart contract between the trucker and the freight forwarder after the order has been accepted. The shipper has to make the advance payment, which is saved in the LaneAxis ecosystem and transferred to the trucker after the order has been completed. In addition to an optimized payment method, LaneAxis also offers real-time tracking of the shipment to ensure on-time delivery.

These services can be used by paying with the AXIS token, which serves as the primary transaction mode for LaneAxis. The AXIS token is based on an L2 solution to ensure fast and secure transactions. The token has an additional benefit as it can be used to generate more returns in the form of AXIS tokens.


LaneAxis is a truly revolutionary blockchain project in every way and it will revolutionize the global freight industry. Starting in North America, the company will spread its roots worldwide and bring about much-needed change in the industry.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be viewed as news / advice


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