The blockchain and crypto industry has seen an influx of interest groups and in this case, providing a user-friendly and secure means of trade and payment for users becomes one of the main goals of redefining the space.

Spaceium aims to make the blockchain and cryptocurrency space more accessible and secure for its users. The platform offers a range of payment gateways such as SpacePay, debit and credit cards, point of sale solutions, and bank account transfers that help users accept payments in crypto and fiat the way they want.

In an interview with us, Benjamin Byrkjeland, CMO of Spaceium, talks about the platform, payment solutions, their marketplace and much more.

1. What was the vision behind Spaceium as a payment solution for the everyday user?

Our vision has always been clear. An easy way to spend, send, receive and never forget the owners of $ SPM. With the digitization of the last few years. We couldn’t understand why banks, payment processors, etc. were lagging so far behind. We scanned the crypto market and found that there was a huge void that we could fill.

We also thought that we had to relate the use of the coin to the price of the coin. So we developed a system where every transaction helps to increase the price of the coin. We did this because we want people to KEEP, send, pay, and use $ SPM every day.

2. What do you think are some of the problems facing the crypto ecosystem that are hindering its use in daily life?

The biggest problem with using crypto today is that the price is too volatile and there is no easy-to-use system for “ordinary people”. That is why we developed the system where the price of transactions is higher and we always had the idea that “if our grandmother can pay with crypto using our system, anyone can”

So we put a lot of focus on making our project user friendly for everyone and increasing the price in every possible way.

3. As we see a gradual transition to large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, what role is Spaceium playing in this paradigm shift?

I think we’re going to play a big role in making crypto mainstream, that kind of goes along with the second question. We believe that these issues are keeping crypto out of mainstream adoption and that there needs to be a solution to it in order for people to fully switch to crypto.

4. How does Spaceium offer financial solutions to users and merchants?

We will offer Spacepay, a till system and money transfers. In short, we take different technologies and put them together. When we started planning the project, we quickly realized that we had to do a lot of new things ourselves in order to be able to offer all of our services at such low fees. Using other services and integrating them into our system would be too expensive for users.

5. Can you tell us more about Spaceium’s centralized and decentralized exchange networks and the reason for creating these two networks?

The reason we will be offering centralized and decentralized exchanges is to make it easier for users to easily switch between coins, tokens or NFTs and make it more available. We want to offer a platform that focuses on the user.

6. What solutions does Spaceium offer with its marketplace and its e-commerce platform?

To put it simply, it would be similar to eBay and Amazon. We also think it is very important to enable digital ownership of physical products like bicycles, watches, etc. to make buying and selling products safer. We will also have the option to buy and sell NFTs.

7. What is the Spaceium coin? Which use cases are associated with it?

Initially, $ SPM is used on every transaction made. We will provide merchants with a way to accept crypto both online and in-store, and we will also provide an easy-to-use app and credit cards for those who wish to use this.

We provide a way for people to send FIAT and receive FIAT when they want. However, $ SPM is used so the transaction looks like this: FIAT – converted to Spm – sent – received – automatically sold for FIAT. We think this is one of the best ideas on the entire project and it’s very popular with $ SPM owners as well.

8. Could you shed some light on the Spaceium ICO? What are the goals associated with it?

Our greatest goal is of course to raise enough money to keep our promises to our owners.

We don’t have the conscience to just push it up as we can then take the money and leave. We’re trying to build something big, slow and steady. It takes time to change the world.

9. How will the Spaceium blockchain stand out from other blockchain projects in the crypto space?

So this is our biggest thing. We’re actually going to bring a use case for crypto into the mainstream.

It has never been done the way we do it before, and as I said earlier in this interview – we believe we are the solution.

10. What future projects and milestones are you looking forward to in relation to Spaceium?

I personally look forward to bringing a simple, fully usable and decentralized payment system to poor areas around the world that have been plundered by inflation and the high costs of receiving and sending money.

I think countries where debit cards etc are not used by humans will just skip this stage and jump straight to Spaceium and @SPM.

Please visit their website for more information.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.


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