With the price reversal on July 21, most altcoins are trading in the green. Prices have moved up, albeit slowly. Ethereum rebounded more strongly, followed by news of the official Ethereum Improvement Proposal. Binance Coin’s price action, in particular, has not been overly promising due to regulatory hurdles that may have made it difficult for the coin to rise above its resistance levels. The increased trading volume of Litecoin confirmed the increased buying pressure.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum, Binance Coin and Litecoin Price Analysis: July 25th

ETH / USD, TradingView

Ethereum’s price rose 15.1% last week after breaking its support level of $ 1,879. ETH was trading at $ 2,180, supported by a daily gain of 1.9%. The Alt-King rebounded fairly when it triggered a concrete price reversal after rising above its resistance of $ 2,160.

It posted a 3.33% market capital gain over the past 24 hours and trading volume was also up at press time, suggesting more ETH token buyers.

Ethereum has been in oversold territory for the past few days. At the time of writing the Relative Strength Index fell below the 70s mark, suggesting that buying pressure has eased very slightly. Squeeze momentum indicator a squeeze release and a buy signal are shown.

The old’s bullish momentum was evident as it rebounded significantly over the past week. the MACD The indicator detected a bullish crossover on July 21st, after which green histograms appeared on the indicator.

Binance coin

Ethereum, Binance Coin and Litecoin Price Analysis: July 25th

BNB / USD, TradingView

Regulatory concerns could have adversely affected BNB’s price development. At press time, the coin was priced at $ 302 with an immediate resistance level at $ 309.

The NBB lost 0.7% in the last 24 hours and only gained 1.0% in its rating in the last week. With uncertain and sideways trading, Binance Coin could possibly continue to lose value.

The bears have regained their strength, like on the Ingenious oscillator. Red signal bars were visible as the BNB traded just below the resistance level with no clear indication of when to test the same. At the time of going to press, capital inflows increased with the Chaikin money flow observe an upward trend. BNB buyers might consider price consolidation as an entry point into the market.

According to the price fluctuations, Bollinger bands remained parallel with no clear signs of convergence or divergence, suggesting that prices might fluctuate between a limited range.

Litecoin (LTC)

Ethereum, Binance Coin and Litecoin Price Analysis: July 25th

LTC / USD, TradingView

LTC was trading in the green at the time of release and was on its way to test its $ 133 resistance level. At the time of writing, the Alt was available for $ 127, up 5.4% over the past week.

Bulls have not been able to push prices any higher. LTC’s price action has struggled to hover above the USD 127 range for the past few days. Trading volume rose 25.04%, suggesting that at press time, buyers were flocking to the market.

That Relative Strength Index skyrocketed, suggesting increased buying pressure and demand for the coin. Due to increased demand and buying pressure, the coin could potentially soon test immediate resistance levels during the upcoming trading sessions.

Average direction index indicated that the market weakness was still present, the indicator was spotted between the 20 and 40 mark. In terms of market volatility, Bollinger bands stayed parallel and showed very little chance for LTC trading outside of the current price range.


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