Santo Blockchain Labs, a creative blockchain software development company, has teamed up with a renowned French pop artist Jerome Peschardto bring to life a new line of NFTs called XR-NFTs “eXtended Reality Non-Fungible Tokens”.

What are XR-NFTs?

XR-NFTs are the most versatile form of using 3D scantelemetry, augmented reality, virtual reality, sound and digital scent technology intertwined with the creativity of Jerome Peschard’s digital pop art. The NFT creations use blockchain technology to provide their users with a unique sensory digital asset experience.

Onslaught of mars

To honor this new beginning in space travel, in which greats like Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are disrupting space travel and making it a reality for all of humanity to one day travel into space, Jerome Peschard has created a limited edition series of 50 XR-NFTs and 1 digital-physical asset-based XR-NFT allegory with the title “Onslaught of mars“.

The allegory “Rush of Mars” will show a 150 x 150 cm original physical work of art by the pop artist Jerome Peschard. Jerome’s canvas of choice is rusty steel sheets from construction sites that have been put together to create a masterpiece.

The creation has a greenish neon light on the words “Rush of Mars”. The neon light will slowly flash 2-3 times before an electrical spark ignites the electrode gas in the neon to illuminate the letters. In addition, viewers experience a humming noise that atoms make when they are electrically charged in the vacuum tube.

NFC tag

From the greenish futuristic hue with elements of 1950s fast food signage to a countdown of a rocket, a futuristic electric vehicle, a 60s-style female model and flying saucers, including lots of hidden elements, give us a real feel for the allegory of “Rush to Mars”. This physical masterpiece has an NFC tag that can be scanned by any smartphone to open the XR-NFT. It shows multiple 3D elements and sounds to make this masterpiece in one Bringing the digital and blockchain world to life.

The purpose of the NFC tag is not only to provide the owner with a unique sensory experience and convey the object, but also to enable everyone to enjoy this experience when admiring this masterpiece in a museum, gallery or private exhibition. The limited series of 50 XR-NFTs, each will have a unique element selected by Jerome and imprinted on the blockchain.

Have an XR-NFT

With this unique XR-NFT series, Santo Blockchain has made it possible for art lovers around the world to acquire works of art from renowned artists such as Jerome Peschard. Interested parties can register for the pre-sale waiting list via the Santo Blockchain.

The limited edition of 50 XR-NFTs should be minted in mid-August and be available from ETH. Anyone interested in the unique creations can stay up to date on the embossing details and future airdrops via the Santo Blockchain’s social media channels.

The hope is that one day in the not too distant future; Not only will humans travel into space, but they will also take with them those digital assets that will allow us to enjoy and act on these new frontiers.

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