1Doge is a brilliant meme coin with infinite possibilities. 1Doge was officially launched in July 2021 and aims to bring something special to the crypto space. Inspired by unprecedented transaction speed, static reflection and double burning mechanism, 1Doge tries to restore his dad’s last dollar hope, the Dogecoin.

Backed by incredible features like continuous liquidity, static reflection, anti-dump protection and double burn mechanism, 1Doge strives to do something that cannot be seen in the meme coin ecosystem.

1The doge is like a two-edged sword. On the one hand, the Meme-Coin will offer an ecosystem in which it supports charity organizations in the long term.

On the other hand, 1Doge aims to make meme coin adoption mainstream by providing opportunities for the 1Doge community to earn tokens by playing the 1Doge Land game.

The 1Doge project also aims to introduce the NFT craze that has taken over the crypto space, as well as a platform swap.

1Doge and its brilliant ecosystem

While 1Doge has many advantages, what sets it apart from many meme projects is that it is a hyperdeflationary token with a unique model carefully designed to create scarcity over time.

With a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, this means that no more coins will be minted on the way to USD 1. In addition, there is no limit to how many tokens are burned along the way.

1Doge pre-sale and where to buy the 1Doge token

1Doge pre-sale and launch are scheduled for August 5th. 632,000 1Doge tokens will be used for pre-sales and provision of initial liquidity on pancake swaps.

After the start, investors can finally buy 1Doge tokens when exchanging pancakes.

1Doge Charity and Rewards Project

Although the 1Doge ecosystem is designed to provide a sustainable method of donation to charity partners, the 1Doge project has an unprecedented reward system. Using static reflection, the 1Doge project plans to reward holders of the token with a commission of 2% for every transaction. This means that if they simply keep 1Doge in their wallet, holders will increase their tokens over time.

As a reward, 1Doge is also planning to introduce one “Play to earn” Feature where eager 1Doge Land players are rewarded with tokens for skillful gameplay.

The team behind the incredible 1Doge project also added a charity to Tekonomik. With this feature, the team has provided their own wallet for charity. This wallet receives reallocations of the 1Doge token. The proceeds from this wallet will be dedicated to supporting 1Doge’s charity partners.

The 1Doge roadmap

The 1Doge roadmap will be implemented in five phases.

Phase 1

Design & creation

team building

Marketing push

5000 telegram members

First exam

Advance sales start and liquidity freeze

Phase 2

Influencer Marketing Campaign

Listing on coin gecko

Quoted according to the market capitalization of coins

Duplicate social channel numbers

Second exam

Voluntary donation to community + charity partnership

Phase 3

Onboard influencers from non-native English speakers

Listings on the main CEX

Memes campaign

Content creation campaign

Important partnerships

Merch shop

Phase 4

Website redesign

1Doge wallet tracker

1dog lottery

NFT sale

Intensify marketing

Raffle for top owners to win a Tesla

Phase 5

Crypto education app

Publish games with $ 1doge integration

Continuous improvement of the 1doge ecosystem

Charitable donation to Africa and other 3rd world countries

Community meeting

Merch shop

1Doge’s core values

1Doge strives to keep its promises to the 1Doge clan. Through transparency, trust, dedication and longevity, 1Doge promises to always remain accountable to the 1Doge community.

With longevity in mind, the team promises to stay true to the core values ​​of the 1Doge project.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.


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