The decentralized exchange Mdex has introduced the new function of market visualization in the Heco chain and optimized the transaction functions. With this new visualization feature, users can see the price changes of trading pairs in Mdex.

This is the plan in MDEX’s previously updated roadmap. According to the plan, Mdex will provide users with a premium DEX transaction experience. The newly introduced functions of market visualization and trading at market price are the first step.

In the future, MDEX will enable further services, such as pending order strategies, which make transactions more convenient and comparable to operating experience on centralized exchanges.

The AMM model deprives users of choice in transactions

The AMM model is a breakthrough for DEX and has actually revolutionized the entire DeFi ecosystem. It easily solved the problem of high fees and complex on-chain processes. Together with liquidity mining, it led to the unprecedented DeFi trend last summer.

However, the AMM model also has disadvantages. While enjoying a fast and convenient transaction experience, users are slowly losing some choices such as trade price.

Without K-line charts traditionally provided in CEX and traditional financial markets to help us predict token prices, users can only complete transactions at the current price and cannot hold their orders pending for the optimal moment.

For market makers, this means an almost inevitable ephemeral loss. While traders without functions such as pending orders and markets make uninformed investment decisions and have to expose themselves to higher risks. This weakness is unbearable for professional traders.

Innovative strategy to provide users with convenience and decision-making rights

Innovation and learning are the keys to breakthroughs. Mdex has made another pioneering attempt as Dex, whose trading volume and TVL are at the leading level in the blockchain. This time the beta of the market visualization will bring MDEX to a new level of growth.

Through the visualized market, MDEX enables the trading view – a system that is widely used in the traditional financial market, offering users comprehensive, clear, bespoke services and various indicators that can predict the trend based on their preferred investment theories.

The trading view is also the most common K-Line system used by crypto market exchanges including Binance, Huobi, OKEX and Coinbase, etc. Therefore, cryptocurrency users are very familiar with this system. It is also very easy for users to add new trading pairs.

With regard to the UI interaction design, Mdex upholds the principle of user-friendliness. The overall page design is similar to the usual CEX transaction interface.

Users can see the pool depth of the two types of tokens in the transaction pool, their transaction records (e.g. transaction volume and price, etc.), on-chain information, etc., all of which are very helpful for users to view their profits and losses in an easy way and direct way. This can help them make better investment decisions.

In transaction operation, too, it is similar to CEX. Users can choose the amount they want to trade, the acceptable slippage and confirm the transaction.

The new features make trading on Mdex much easier and significantly reduce the feeling of uncertainty that is common in DEX transactions. For professional traders, it allows them to customize their investment strategies while ensuring transaction security.

According to Mdex’s roadmap, the next step will be the introduction of the order transaction function and the introduction of a wider range of pending order strategies.

More effort will be put into giving users the decision-making rights, which will undoubtedly attract more users. We firmly believe will be the dominant trend for DEX.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.


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