Ethereum showed heightened signs of volatility with reasonable buying pressure, Dogecoin showed a short sell opportunity along with decreased trading volume. Finally, Ethereum Classic was showing decreased purchasing power at press time.


Ethereum, Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: July 28th

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Ethereum’s price regained momentum after the Alt briefly slumped on Tuesday; At the time of going to press, the coin was valued at $ 2298. It gained 4.3% overnight and was up 28.3% for the past week. Market capitalization rose 4.45%. Overall, the coin showed bullish sentiments, but it is extremely important that the bulls have enough momentum to break the $ 2,390 mark to test the $ 2,400 mark.

Volatility remains a factor in ETH prices, as is the case Bollinger bands.

The buying pressure remained constant over the past 24 hours, although the buying pressure eased slightly. Relative Strength Index stood at the 60 mark, which painted a bullish picture and sufficient buying pressure.

July 27th, MACD Indicator showed a bearish signal but was falling as prices rose.


Ethereum, Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: July 28th

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Over the past 24 hours, while other altcoins have risen significantly, DOGE has only seen a 4% gain. On the weekly chart, Dogecoin recorded a significant plus of 21.6%.

DOGE’s trading volume over the past 24 hours is down 116.12%, confirming the decrease in buying pressure since yesterday. Relative Strength Index noted a slight spike at press time, suggesting buying pressures were returning to the market.

The technical outlook offered DOGE an opportunity to sell short since Squeeze momentum indicator indicated that the market was on the verge of a bottleneck with an expected price breakout.

Green signal bars on Great oscillator the bullish signal that had been built flashed and if the bulls recovered and prices continued to move higher, the coin would experience resistance at $ 0.21. At the time of writing, Dogecoin was priced at $ 0.20.

Ethereum classic

Ethereum, Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: July 28th

ETC / USD, TradingView

Ethereum Classic was in the red at the time of going to press; however, it was a small daily increase of 3.0%.

ETC’s current market trend slowdown was announced on Average direction index that indicated the possibility of price cuts. If the price fell further, ETC would float near or even fall below the USD 46 support level.

The pressure to buy also eased Relative Strength Index noted a downward trend at the time of going to press. The trading volume also fell by 19.20%, which indicates reduced purchasing power in the market. Chaikin money flow also saw some decline in capital inflows at the time of going to press.


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