However, Monero’s market capitalization rose despite the rise in prices, while MATIC and Binance Coin’s market capitalization saw a decline. The price of XMR showed chances of low volatility, while MATIC posted a weekly gain of 47.2% and eventually Binance Coin could be heading for a possible price breakout.


Monero, MATIC and Binance Coin Price Analysis: July 28th

XMR / USD, TradingView

Monero’s price action was halted after yesterday’s price plunge, but the XMR rose 2.5% in the past 24 hours. At press time, the coin was trading for $ 230 and gained 23.3% over the past week. On the flip side, if the bulls gain momentum, prices could see resistance at $ 232, and if the bulls move down, the support region is at $ 215. Market capitalization rose 3.62% overnight.

Bollinger bands widened and stayed parallel, which meant that prices were trading with volatility but staying in a limited range during upcoming trading sessions. The coin’s trading volume was down 2.20% at the time of going to press. Squeeze momentum indicator got into a squeeze that signaled a phase of comparatively lower volatility.


Monero, MATIC and Binance Coin Price Analysis: July 28th

MATIC / USD, TradingView

In the weekly period, MATIC recorded a breathtaking price increase of 47.2%. On the flip side, support for the coin was at $ 0.94 and with a rise in price, MATIC could encounter resistance at $ 1.06.

The downward trend of Parabolic SAR As can be seen on the 4 hour technical chart, its dotted lines above the candlesticks were pointing what was leading down at a time. Bollinger bands remained broad and parallel, so that a price movement is to be expected with the range.

The buying pressure also received an upward surge since Relative Strength Index cash flow shown.

Binance coin

Monero, MATIC and Binance Coin Price Analysis: July 28th

BNB / USD, TradingView

Over the past seven days, the coin has rallied quite a bit despite the regulatory issues. The coin was available for $ 317 at the time of writing.

The BNB’s volatility aspect remained low since Squeeze momentum indicator pictured low volatility and a buy signal. Despite buying signals, the BNB did not see any increased purchasing power in the market compared to other altcoins.

The market trend seemed to be weakening since Average direction index was seen at the 20 mark which meant a breakout could happen. Parabolic SARs dotted lines hovered above the price level, suggesting that a downtrend was at play.


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