When Bitcoin was born, nobody took it seriously. How could a virtual coin overcome fiat?

That was until the introduction of DeFi, which enabled the transformation of banking services into the crypto world. And yet, the user experience was still on the back burner as no app could give you access to all of the available crypto banking services.

At least until LYOPAY has joined the game.

Get to know LYOPAY – an innovative crypto ecosystem

LYOPAY was introduced to make cryptocurrencies more useful in real life and provide easy access to a wide variety of banking services.

The main benefit of LYOPAY is the crypto payment, which complies with the KYC, OWASP and European data protection regulations. This way you can be sure that there is no conflict between crypto and third party institutions.

To make the transition from fiat to crypto easier, LYOPAY comes with a physical card that you can use to buy anything from LYO partners.

The card can be topped up with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and you can use it to pay both physically and electronically. With LYOPAY you can have an EU Mastercard, Global Mastercard or a gift card (the last two are in process).

The type of payment does not matter. You can buy clothes and groceries, make transfers, and even book travel plans. It’s your decision. It is essential that crypto is no longer just intended for currency trading.

What else can you find in the LYO ecosystem?

As mentioned at the beginning, LYO is best known for the fact that it covers all crypto banking activities. They are divided into six plugins, each of which comes with its own features and benefits.


By adding this plugging to LYO, you can make crypto payments to DeFi companies worldwide without the need for an account.


This is the main plugin that we can use to pay for goods in crypto. This is possible because the platform automatically converts coins and tokens into fiat currencies. Everything is done in seconds.


This is a platform where users can freely trade their cryptocurrencies at a fantastic speed (1.5M TPS) and the cost is minimal – only 0.2% for the market and 0.4% for the buyer.


This plugin works like a wallet where you can easily manage your current assets. What sets it apart is that the level of security exceeds expectations: multi-signature accounts, cold storage, key recovery – everything you need to protect your assets.


If you want to help the project spread its wings, you can become one of their agents and promote them for a commission of up to 50%.


This plugin is for those who want to become a partner of LYO. It helps both sides – LYO is gaining credibility and traders are early in the crypto movement.

Take part in the PRE-ICO

If the project wins you over, you have the chance to get early access and buy the core token before the public listing.

The PRE-ICO is available until July 31, 2021 and from August on the official ICO. But note, the sooner you get it, the greater your profit after listings.

Don’t miss the chance and be one step ahead in the crypto world!

Website: www.lyopay.com

LYOPAY telegram: www.t.me/lyopay

LYO CREDIT ICO: www.lyocredit.io

LYO CREDIT telegram: www.t.me/lyocredit

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lyopayofficial

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lyopayofficial

Medium: www.lyopay.medium.com/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/lyopay/

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.


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