Although Bitcoin rose 5.2% on its daily chart, altcoins like LINK and WAVES saw flat price action. LINK did not see any major price changes and even imagined a slightly declining outlook. WAVES, more or less, probably looked similar.

On the contrary, Verge rose 4% and showed signs of further appreciation.

Chain link [LINK]

Chainlink, WAVES and Verge price analysis: August 6th

LINK / USD, TradingView

Chainlink was priced at $ 23.46 at press time. LINK rejected its $ 24.99 resistance for the second time in recent days. For the price level when LINK was released, the local support level was $ 23.30. If the price continues to oscillate around this level for a few more sessions, a decline could push it to $ 21.54.

Technical indicators represented declining pressure on the LINK market, as red signal bars on the Great oscillator. Besides, the MACD also flashed red histograms.

That Relative Strength Index, however, it showed a slight upward trend and implied some buying pressure.


Chainlink, WAVES and Verge price analysis: August 6th

WAVES / USD, TradingView

Although the altcoin saw a 1.8% increase, the token was able to consolidate heavily between $ 16.26 and $ 15.58. If WAVES breaks sideways, the immediate resistance would be $ 16.81. However, a fall in the crypto price would cause the crypto asset to settle at the support level of $ 15.58.

WAVES flashed mixed signals as the technical indicators did not give a clear indication of the direction of the altcoin. For example the Great oscillator pictured both red and green signals intermittently, followed by MACD Which faintly noticed the onset of green histograms.

That Bollinger bands stayed tight and subdued price movement within the price range.

edge [XVG]

Chainlink, WAVES and Verge price analysis: August 6th

XVG / USD, TradingView

XVG has seen a 4% increase over the past 24 hours. However, he failed to exceed his resistance level of $ 0.025 on the second attempt. XVG’s local support was at $ 0.022, but the Alt was trading far from that level and was unlikely to go down given the presence of buyers in the market.

The market was bullish as the indicators were in the green at the time of going to press. That Great oscillator noticed an increase in the green signal bars and the MACD accordingly represented a bullish crossover.

Finally, that Bollinger bands gave way to the incoming volatility as the indicator opened on the charts.


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