Bitcoin’s surge above $ 40,000 moved EOS, BAT, and Enjin north. EOS prepared to touch its $ 4.34 resistance level and may push higher. BAT sent bullish signals despite some consolidation, while ENJ rose 3.5%.


EOS, BAT and Enjin price analysis: August 6th

EOS / USD, TradingView

EOS rose 2% to beat the $ 4.16 resistance level. The next price cap is $ 4.34. Since the buying dynamics at Great oscillator, the crypto surged above its $ 3.96 support and maintained a northward direction. There was more positive buying pressure than that on the market MACD pictured green histograms.

That Bollinger bands diverged, indicating an increase in volatility across the market.

Basic attention mark [BAT]

EOS, BAT and Enjin price analysis: August 6th

BAT / USD, TradingView

The Basic Attention Token was slightly below its resistance value of $ 0.67 at press time. However, in the past few days, BAT has shown signs of resuscitation. Even so, there was mostly area movement as it got stuck between $ 0.630 and $ 0.068.

The technical outlook for BAT pointed to a decline in bullish strength as the MACD responsible for falling green histograms. That Great oscillator noted some downward pressure as the red bars became longer.

While Relative Strength Index was over 55, the dynamic was split between buyers and sellers.

Enjin [ENJ]

EOS, BAT and Enjin price analysis: August 6th

ENJ / USD, TradingView

The price movement of ENJ over the past few weeks can best be described as a sideways movement. Its appreciation after July 21st was stopped when the altcoin fluctuated between $ 1.31 and $ 1.47. The crypto moved below the $ 1.47 resistance level after attempting to break through twice in the past few weeks.

It was up 3.5% in the last 24 hours at press time. If buying pressure is maintained, ENJ could touch the USD 1.47 resistance again.

Bullish signals found their way into the market when green signal bars were discovered in the market Ingenious oscillator. There was pressure to buy because the Relative Strength Index exchanged bullish territory. The opposite is the case Chaikin money flow remained declining despite an increase in capital inflows.

In other news, ENJIN is ready to release a utility and governance token for its Efinity blockchain platform.


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