Bitcoin continued to show signs of area-bound movement, dropping 0.7% in the past 24 hours. Terra was also down 6% while targeting its immediate price floor of $ 30.91. In contrast, Solana continued to advance in the past 24 hours as prices rested at $ 99.89 and aimed to plunge above the next psychological resistance level of $ 105.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin, Solana and Terra Price Analysis: August 30th

BTC / USD, TradingView

Bitcoin was valued at $ 48,069.04 after showing some consolidation. Bollinger bands also showed the tightening of the ligaments, suggesting area-restricted movement.

The immediate level of support for Bitcoin was $ 47,884.23. If Bitcoin continues to trade at the current price in the next few days, it could drop to the support level mentioned above.

The technical data for Bitcoin remained bearish. The pressure to buy lost strength as the Relative Strength Index slipped below the 50 mark. MACD red bars also flashed in his histogram. Bitcoin, on the flip side, could see resistance at $ 50,610.45 after tumbling above $ 49,000.

Solana (SOL)

Bitcoin, Solana and Terra Price Analysis: August 30th

SOL / USD, TradingView

Solana continued its upward trend as it gained 9.8% in the past 24 hours and the price of the asset was $ 99.89. A sustained spike can cause Solana to tumble above its immediate resistance of $ 99.29 and then hit the psychological resistance level of $ 105.

Purchasing power has remained consistently high since Relative Strength Index was in the overbought area. In the MACD histogram, green bars were visible and corresponding Great oscillator also indicated by green signal bars.

The chance of a corrective decline remains in the picture, in which case Solana prices would fall to the next support level of USD 91.22.

Terra (LUNA)

Bitcoin, Solana and Terra Price Analysis: August 30th

LUNA / USD, TradingView

LUNA is down 6% since yesterday, bringing prices down to $ 33.24. The next region of support for LUNA was at $ 30.91 and a break below that would mean the Alt would rest at $ 23.28.

Buying pressure eased as Relative Strength Index threatened to fall below the half-line. Red signal lines were seen on that Great oscillator.

Chaikin money flow reflected a decline in capital inflows as the indicator almost touched the center line. In the event LUNA reverses its price action, the resistance level is at $ 36.57.


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