As a pioneer of an innovative suite of decentralized financial products (DeFi), SphynxSwap has entered into a strategic partnership with the award-winning PR and marketing agency Luna PR. This collaboration aims to advance the use of the fascinating products that Sphynx has released and will develop in the future.

As a blockchain-focused digital marketing company, Luna PR has worked with big names in the crypto space, including several top 300 projects. The purpose of this agreement between SphynxSwap and Luna PR is to make the product range of the SphynxSwap network visible through tailor-made marketing.

Sphynx is an all-in-one decentralized financial platform that enables its users to enjoy the best activities on one platform. Using this protocol, crypto enthusiasts can easily trade, deploy, farm and hold their tokens without having to switch from one platform to another. It offers the fastest trading in the industry and allows users to exchange their cryptocurrency in less than ten seconds. Products in the Sphynx ecosystem include Sphynx Swap, Papyrus Charting, Pyramid Farming, and the Sphynx Wallet.

SphynxSwap was recently launched on Nov.nd dated September 2021 after their third round of private funding was filled in 10 seconds and raised 1,000 BNB (over $ 400,000). Their successful launch came with massive community support, allowing market capitalization to surpass $ 21 million within 36 hours of the platform going live.

SphynxSwap also recently partnered with Certik International. The partnership means the Sphynx platform has its entire machine, from staking to smart contracts, which is assessed and licensed through the renowned company to mitigate the risks of hacks and flash mortgage exploits.

Sphynx CEO Zaidoun “Lonzo” Alowbydi said, “We are aware of the amount of technology in the industry and in developing our platform we prioritized the three aspects that have the most impact on investors: user experience, cybersecurity and convenience. We believe Sphynx will be a solution that will revolutionize the way investors trade today. Our partnership with Luna PR will allow us to reach veterans and newcomers with one of the best agencies in the business. “

“SphynxSwap represents a shift in the DeFi industry that the cryptosphere has longed for,” said Nikita Sachdev, founder and CEO of Luna PR. “We are excited to partner with Sphynx and to work with the team behind one of the most successful launches we’ve seen in space.”

The DeFi industry is stagnating in a fast-moving, competitive space. Every project has to be innovative and market its products efficiently in order to stay ahead and ensure a stable and successful future. By joining forces with Luna PR, the SphynxSwap platform is destined to succeed.

About Sphynx
SphynxSwap is a decentralized exchange that lives on the Binance Smart Chain and enables investors to trade in less than 10 seconds. It’s an all-in-one solution for crypto needs like farming, holding, trading and staking assets.

This platform integrates all the necessary services into a single platform, including a consolidated wallet, dynamic charts, farms and staking portals, so users never have to leave the SphynxSwap platform.

About Luna PR
Luna PR is an award-winning consulting, marketing and PR agency founded by Nikita Sachdev in 2017. The company is a full-stack agency founded in Dubai for digital marketing and public relations with clients on five continents.

With the help of its experienced team members, Luna PR helps to promote and implement upcoming blockchain and crypto projects in order to exploit their full potential.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.


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