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Cardano, SUSHI, VeChain price analysis: September 9th

Cardano, SUSHI, VeChain price analysis: September 9th

In the wake of the upward trend in Bitcoin and Ethereum, altcoins also increased significantly.

Cardano rose 12.2% and was nearing its price cap of $ 2.79. SUSHI made a significant rebound, rising 12.8% on the charts and trading above its 1 week low. Eventually VET rose 11.6% and if it successfully breaks its overhead resistance it could trade near its multi-month high of $ 0.140.

Cardano [ADA]

Cardano, Sushiswap and VeChain price analysis: September 9th

ADA / USD, TradingView

Cardano is up 12.2% in the past 24 hours. The altcoin was priced at $ 2.60 and was targeting its immediate overhead resistance of $ 2.79. A fall in the above price level would push ADA trading above its weekly low. Additional resistance was at its multi-month high of $ 3.04.

Technical data signaled a price recovery. The price of the altcoin climbed just above its 4-hour SMA of 20. This suggests that the momentum was in favor of buyers. According to the same reading, Relative Strength Index rose from the oversold zone and positioned itself on the center line.

MACD flashing green histograms. Parabolic SAR showed dotted lines under the candles, indicating an uptrend.

On the flip side, immediate support was at a two-week low of $ 2.20 and then its four-week low of $ 1.72.

SushiSwap [SUSHI]

Cardano, Sushiswap and VeChain price analysis: September 9th

SUSHI / USD, TradingView

SUSHI was up 12.8% for $ 11.50. At this price level, SUSHI was trading above its 1-week low. If it rose further, the Alt would fall $ 12.58 and hit its multi-month high of $ 14.62 again.

MACD decreased in recent trading sessions and a green histogram flashed. Great oscillator also shown green signal bars. Relative Strength Index, but stayed below the mid-line at the 40 mark, suggesting that buying pressure was still low.

If buying pressure remains low, SUSHI could fall to $ 11.17 and then to its one-month low of 10.11.

VeChain [VET]

Cardano, Sushiswap and VeChain price analysis: September 9th

VET / USD, TradingView

Vocational training grew 11.6% in 24 hours and was available for $ 0.123. The immediate resistance was at $ 0.127. A drop in the price level of $ 0.127 would cause VET to trade above the week-long low price level of $ 0.140.

The parameters indicated a recovery in the market. MACDs red histograms receded and a bullish crossover was nearing. Great oscillator green signal bars presented. Chaikin money flowbut stayed below half the line as capital inflows remained low.

In the event of a decline in VET, the initial resistance was at $ 0.115 and then at its one-month low of $ 0.103.

Binance Coin, BAT, Dogecoin Price Analysis: September 9th

Binance Coin, BAT, Dogecoin Price Analysis: September 9th

Binance Coin soared 6.1% and held above its multi-week low of $ 386.83. BAT saw its immediate resistance at $ 0.880 after rising 9.3% in 24 hours.

Dogecoin showed mixed trading signals on the charts despite a 6% gain.

Binance coin [BNB]

Binance Coin, BAT and Dogecoin price analysis: September 9th

BNB / USD, TradingView

Binance Coin has rebounded 6.1% in the past 24 hours. The altcoin was trading at $ 416.77 and managed to trade above its multi-week low of $ 386.83. Immediate resistance was at $ 433.54, which would mean the BNB is trading above its one-week low of $ 460.42. It is likely that the BNB could retest its multi-month high of $ 517.02.

The technical data of the BNB showed mixed trading signals. MACDs red histograms declined and neared a bullish crossover. Great oscillator flashing green signal bars.

In contrast, the BNB’s prices stayed below the 4-hour 20-SMA, suggesting the momentum was in favor of the sellers. The is accordingly Relative Strength Index below the 50 mark, which indicates weak buying pressure.

If buying pressures remained low, the NBB would drop to $ 386.83.

Basic attention mark [BAT]

Binance Coin, BAT and Dogecoin price analysis: September 9th

BAT / USD, TradingView

BAT rose 9.3% in 24 hours to trade at $ 0.815. Immediate resistance was at $ 0.880 and then at the multi-month high of $ 0.981. Key indicators showed signs of a recovery in the market.

Red histograms receded to form a green histogram. Great oscillator showed green signal bars as an indication of an upward movement in price. Chaikin money flow saw capital inflows rising and stayed above mid-line.

If BAT loses momentum at press time, the price could drop to the two-week low of $ 0.734 and then trade near its one-month low of $ 0.661.

Dogecoin [DOGE]

Binance Coin, BAT and Dogecoin price analysis: September 9th

DOGE / USD, TradingView

DOGE reversed its recent losses by 6%, trading at $ 0.255. Although the price rallied, the altcoin candlesticks remained below its four-hour 20-SMA – a level that suggests price momentum in favor of sellers.

Similarly, the Relative Strength Index showed a value of 40, suggesting that buying strength was low. The parabolic SAR also showed a downtrend with dotted lines placed above the candles.

If DOGE continues to take profit, immediate support for the coin will be at $ 0.240.

However, MACD showed decreasing red histograms and was approaching a bullish crossover.

Should the bullish thesis hold, the immediate resistance for DOGE was $ 0.273. Exceeding the mentioned price cap would raise the price of the altcoin above its one-week low of $ 0.314. If DOGE manages to stay above $ 0.314, it could hit the multi-month high price level of $ 0.347.

This Ethereum “safety net” could have come to the aid of ETH in the event of market corrections

This Ethereum “safety net” could have come to the aid of ETH in the event of market corrections

The September 7th flash crash came at an unfortunate time when Ethereum challenged the $ 4,000 price cap. At the time of writing, the King Altcoin had been in the red for three days in a row. The timing is particularly interesting here, as it followed a rally of over 1.5 months. So was this lightning crash a hidden blessing?

Many in the market have speculated that this flash crash might have been a good entry point before the price started rising again.

It is noteworthy that Ethereum is already starting a journey north, at least in a shorter time frame. In fact, ETH hit higher lows at the time of going to press.

While the ETH price was below the 20-week SMA on a one-day chart, this had re-established itself as a support over a shorter period of time. But what drove this recovery?

Whales are rushing in

When the price fell, the number of top 10 ETH whale addresses in particular rose over the past 15 weeks. You now own 21.38% of all ETH.

This is the highest amount they have held in around 51 months, Santiment points out. The accumulation of whales bodes well for the top altcoin price development.

That being said, whales have been quite active during last week’s market correction. For example, according to Whale Alert, whales moved more than $ 1 billion in Ethereum through 21 separate transactions.

What’s more, one unknown wallet sent to Binance a whopping 99,990 ETH on Tuesday valued at around $ 345 million. This was the largest of the transactions tracked in the past week.

ETH on a deflationary path?

Economists have taken an interest in crypto’s deflationary systems because they are absent from the financial market. But there has also been skepticism about a deflationary currency system, which inevitably leads to hoarding and liquidity problems, for a long time.

If you look at how well ETH held up and recovered during this mini-crash, it will be interesting to see if this was also due to ETH deflation.

This year represented a rather strange fall as Ethereum’s foreign exchange reserves fell to a lower level than Bitcoin’s. Although both assets had a higher coin shortage, the same was greater for ETH than for BTC.

On September 8, Bitcoin’s foreign exchange balances relative to its total circulating supply hit a three and a half year low of 13.32%.

Furthermore, this time around, it seems that Ethereum is getting scarcer on centralized exchanges as its scarcity has overtaken that of Bitcoin. The macro trend of the increasing scarcity of Ethereum and Bitcoin over time implied that the exchange rate relative to the circulating supply for ETH was lower than that of BTC.

In addition, ether incineration set a new record as the daily ether incineration number neared the 15,000 mark. All of these factors can cause Ethereum to become more deflationary and act as a safety net if the price goes down.

EOS, Tron, Waves Price Analysis: September 9th

EOS, Tron, Waves Price Analysis: September 9th

Tron was up a sizeable 8.8%, nearing its immediate price cap of $ 0.095 in trading. WAVES happened to be among the top ten winners in the market with a sharp 26.3% rally. It also recorded a new multi-month high.

Eventually, EOS reversed its recent losses by 6.4%. The price momentum, however, continued to favor the sellers.


EOS, Tron and Waves price analysis: September 9th

EOS / USD, TradingView

EOS was up 6.4% on its chart in the past 24 hours to trade at $ 4.78. Despite the price surge, the candles on the 4-hour chart were below the 20-SMA. This implied that the momentum was with the sellers.

In correspondence that Relative Strength Index showed that purchasing power was low. However, the altcoin managed to return from oversold territory. If buying pressures don’t recover, EOS could go down and hit its one-month lows around $ 4.54.

MACDs red histograms decreased in recent trading sessions. Great oscillator also shown green signal bars.

When an upward move is considered, the overhead resistance is at $ 5.10. A break through the $ 5.10 price line would mean EOS is trading above its 1 week low.

Additional resistance levels were at $ 5.48, $ 5.87, and then the 5-month high of $ 6.34.

Tron [TRX]

EOS, Tron and Waves price analysis: September 9th

TRX / USD, TradingView

TRON rose 8.8% in 24 hours. The token was valued at $ 0.091 and was preparing to test the immediate resistance level of $ 0.095. At that price, TRX was trading above its one-week low. If the recovery continues, an attempt could be made to reach the multi-month high of USD 0.104 again.

Parameters demonstrated a price reversal. the MACDs red histograms receded and a green histogram began. Green signal bars were visible on it Great oscillator.

Finally, that Chaikin money flowbut remained bearish with a decline in capital inflows.

If TRON cannot sustain its rally, it could push its price to its four-week low of $ 0.081 and then to its one-month low of $ 0.070.


EOS, Tron and Waves price analysis: September 9th

WAVES / USD, TradingView

WAVES was up 26.3% in 24 hours and was available for $ 31.02. Overhead resistance for WAVES was expected at $ 33.02. The old’s prices were above its 4-hour 20-SMA – a reading that implied the momentum belonged to the buyers. Technical data indicated upward trends across the market.

the MACD flashed red histograms after a bullish crossover. Green signal bars were seen on it Great oscillator. Relative Strength Index was in bullish territory as purchasing power remained positive.

If WAVES experiences a corrective pullback, it would find its first support at $ 30.77 and then at its one-week low of $ 27.05.

The inability to maintain editorial levels would push the altcoin to its four-week low of $ 22.41.

Ekart Inu introduces EAID tokens (Ekart Support)

Ekart Inu introduces EAID tokens (Ekart Support)

Ekart Inu has launched a spectacular token called EAID (Ekart Support). The Ekart token project introduced EAID as a support token, so this will be significant support for the Ekart-Inu token.

EAID sign just exploding. With cryptocurrency traders investing quickly, many are wondering about the EAID symbol. So what is the EAID token ticker symbol? Here is the information necessary to avoid purchasing the wrong form of Ekart Inu crypto.

EAID’s total token offering is 100,000,000. The introductory price is $ 10. The team has taken an incredible step with this token. they have sent 99% of the EAID token in the Burn Wallet. The remaining 1%, that is 100,000,000 tokens, are traded.

They are aiming to meet the EAID token’s 1 billion goal. The user must have the Ekart Inu token in order to buy this EAID token.

Users can use 0% – 50% of the Ekart-Inu tokens when purchasing, and the remaining 50% with each token. In October they plan to list this token on reputable exchanges.

But first of all, it can be bought from the Ekart Inu official website (www.ekartinu.com). So there is a sales period from September 6th to October 5th. After that, they send the remaining token to burn the wallet in the pre-sale.

Contract addresses

Matic main network: https://polygonscan.com/token/0x9f94da865832026b4aa336d96af08872bb347aa1

BEP-20: https://bscscan.com/token/0x9f94da865832026b4aa336d96af08872bb347aa1

“EAID’s goal is to offer the best and most secure place for trading valuable cryptocurrencies while remaining decentralized. We are very loyal to our owners and that gives us the opportunity to grow exponentially. Knowing that with our combined strength and the power of Ekart we will be successful in advance so that we can rise to new heights together. “

So this will be significant support for the Ekart Inu token. EAID’s total token offering is $ 10 billion with an introductory price of $ 10. They took an incredible step with this token by sending 99% of the EAID token to the burning wallet (BEP-20 and MATIC).

The remaining 1%, that is 100 million tokens, go on sale. Leave a 5% transaction fee including 1% of the token distributed as a reward to the account holders, 2% for token liquidity and 2% for wallet burning. They aim to hit the 1 billion goal for EAID tokens.

Ekart Inu aims to increase consumer earning potential. The main goal of the project was to build an EAID token and ecosystem that was cheap enough that anyone could purchase millions of them.

They purposely priced the project’s tickets at $ 10. The plan is to make the platform profitable even if it only brings in $ 15.

So far, the developers have been successful in this regard. It’s important to realize that Ekart Inu got off to a fantastic start. However, since the EAID is new, all investments are now speculative.

What is the EAID token symbol?

$ EAID is the Ekart AID token symbol. This EAID ticker symbol is a common identifier that is used on all reputable crypto exchanges.

Since $ EAID is so new at the time of writing, it is only possible to purchase Ekart AID through the Ekart Inu official website.

Hence, investors will not find the EAID symbol on popular exchanges such as Binance, OKEX and Huobi. But the new cryptocurrency token would like to be listed on some well-known exchanges first in October. So expect to be found there first.

Is the EAID crypto Ekart Inu token safe to buy?

EAID is an upcoming, legitimate Ekart Inu token. The new EAID crypto is now available for purchase on the official website.

As soon as the EkartAID crypto is officially released on September 7th, 2021, users will be able to use it via the official. acquire Ekart Inu Token website. For anyone wondering where to buy EAID tokens online, the answer is there.

As a precaution, do not buy Ekart Inu EAID tokens from elsewhere until the “Buy Token” button is activated on the website.

Official website links: ekartinu.com | ekartinu.global | ekart.global

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC holds 200-day MA, is the sale complete?


								Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC holds 200-day MA, is the sale complete?

After the nearly 20% collapse in BTC’s price, the cryptocurrency spent the next day consolidating and re-testing the 200-day critical moving average at $ 46k.

BTC managed to hold the level for the daily close, a positive sign. In the short term, it is important to continue holding $ 46k, complete long liquidations and initiate a recovery to recover $ 47.2, the bottom of the green zone.

The strong hands holding the older coins did not sell

Although BTC declined slightly the day after the steep drop, data on the chain continues to firmly show long-term holders and entities holding older coins continue to pile up, showing no signs of whale exit liquidity.

CryptoQuant chart

Once again, the panic of 3- to 6-month-old cohorts sold the drop. Keep in mind that this group has accumulated BTC between $ 50k and $ 64.8k. It is very sensitive to shakeouts as they have undergone 2 massive drawdowns in the last few months.

CryptoQuant chart

Yesterday the miners sold a small part of their holdings and today the outflows of the miners have remained stable as for the whole year. In short, the miners are back in accumulation and are showing no interest in selling BTC at current levels.

Out of Leverage – Long liquidations that cool down

Over the past 2 days, futures open interest has continued to consolidate with a slight drop below $ 9 billion. The long liquidations have cooled, which weakens the short-term selling pressure. With price consolidation with wedge formation, declining volume and squeezing Bollinger bands on the hourly chart, this suggests that a potential move is coming.

TradingView chart
TradingView chart

In the short term, it is important to see long liquidations cool as this will help prepare BTC to make a higher move. Technical data on the hourly and 4-hour chart has flattened out, indicating that a short-term support base has been built and the price is preparing for a move.

It would be nice to see BTC recover $ 47.2k, a heavy support / resistance zone, according to the UTXO Realized Price Distribution metric. Retrieving this key level will be a short-term bullish sign for BTC.

So far, it’s good to see BTC hold the 50-day moving average at $ 44.7k, as this level serves as a solid support during powerful bullish trends.

The third largest BTC whale buys 1,955 BTC in 2 days

The third largest BTC whale has accumulated this decline, adding 1,955 BTC over the past 2 days, from $ 46.1 to $ 46.8K. This is the biggest buy since June 2021. If this buy turns into a trend, it can be seen as a very bullish signal. Keep in mind that the whale entity still has hundreds of millions of capital ready to distribute after selling 9,000 BTC in the last month, potentially to break even and rebalance.

Bitinfocharts chart

With on-chain metrics on a sharp upward trend in improving short-term technical data, we can expect the start of a recovery following the massive liquidation event. If Bitcoin manages to return above $ 47.2,000, this will likely create further bullish momentum in an attempt to recover $ 50,000.


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TradingView Cryptocurrency Charts.

Solution of cross-chain interoperability with aelf

Solution of cross-chain interoperability with aelf

The blockchain system evolves over time and finds use cases in different sectors. While every sector and business scenario requires the use of certain characteristics of blockchain technology, a universal blockchain system would not work in this case.

In addition, as the blockchain system grows, so do its maintenance costs. The widespread adoption of blockchain will also lead to inflation in the blockchain network.

aelf builds a blockchain network based on cloud computing. The team behind aelf has successfully developed the aelf Mainnet, aelf Oracle, aelf Enterprise and diversified its DeFi protocols. They aim to create a one-stop solution to improve platform performance and cross-chain functionality.

What is elf?

aelf aims to build a powerful cross-chain blockchain network that creates an autonomous, stable and secure financial system. The platform wants to give its users more control by being open source and community driven. It is headquartered in China.

It is infinitely scalable and the on-chain service fee is set at $ 0.1. This fee does not fluctuate with traffic growth, currency prices, or other such circumstances.

aelfs mainnet swap

The aelf Mainnet was launched in December 2020 and has since proven its reliability and ease of use. The launch of the platform’s mainnet token swap is a major achievement for both the platform and its users.

The mainnet token exchange can take place automatically via exchanges or by manually exchanging the tokens on the aelf website. The exchange rate between the ERC-20 ELF and the mainnet ELF tokens is set at a rate of 1: 1.

Users who attend the mainnet launch event within the first 15 days will have the chance to receive an additional airdrop of 5% after completing the token swap.

Features of the Aelf Mainnet

Some of the main features of the Aelf mainnet are:

  • Multi-chain integration: aelf can interact with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains via messaging. This would help form an endogenous multi-level cross-chain structure based on the interaction of these multiple chains. It would also help with the exchange of users, data and digital assets.
  • Customizable operating system: The aelf design aims to evolve into an efficient and customizable operating system. The platform aims to first define and implement the aelf kernel, which would contain the basic functions of a blockchain system. Then they would develop a “shell” as an interactive interface for the core. This would allow users to either use the entire blockchain operating system or develop a customized operating system based on the core by redefining it through interfaces.
  • A private chain option: In addition to public chains, aelf’s mainnet also offers a private chain option for all companies that want to use blockchain. The platform offers its users the ability to create their own private chains that would exist in isolation from their external ecosystem.

Main features of aelf

aelf has unlimited scalability and an innovative cross-chain structure that offers users a user-friendly and smooth experience.

  • aelf-Block-Explorer: The aelf-Block-Explorer helps to keep track of and monitor information in the main chain.
  • aelf Web Wallet: The Web Wallet is based on the aelf Blockchain and supports asset management and cross-chain transactions.
  • aelf wallet app: The aelf wallet app supports asset management and multi-chain transactions conveniently via a user’s smartphone.
  • NightELF Explorer: The NightELF Explorer offers authorization and account management options in the aelf ecosystem.

Aelf architecture

In contrast to a traditional single chain system, Aelf has a “branched ecosystem” in which the main chain is the backbone of the entire system and is connected to the multiple side chains, which can also comprise multiple layers.

As already mentioned, aelf connects to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains. This is done via an adapter so that it is compatible with other ecosystems. Aelf’s main chain interacts with its side chains by dynamically indexing the side chain.

ELF Tokenomics

The aelf token (ELF) is the main token on the aelf platform and its use cases range from transaction fees, voting, rewards to side chain index fees and deposits from production nodes.

The token has a total supply of 1 billion and a mining quota of 12%. A portion of 10% of the transaction fees is burned, the rest goes into the dividend pool.


aelf is an open source blockchain network designed to provide a complete business solution while facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technology. The main chain and multiple side chain models would help developers work independently on projects while allowing users to have a faster and safer chain.

The parallel chain processing and AEDPoS mechanism also help to provide the users with a healthy experience on the platform.

In addition, there is the main chain index and verification mechanisms that provide a secure communication channel between the main and side chains.

aelf is expanding its user base and currently has over 87,611 users and communities in 12 languages.

You can find more information about aelf on their website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.

Tezos, AAVE, Solana Price Analysis: September 09

Tezos, AAVE, Solana Price Analysis: September 09

With Bitcoin and Ethereum showing slight signs of recovery, many altcoins moved north on their charts. Tezos rose 12.5% ​​and broke its resistance level of $ 4.30. AAVE rebounded 3.8% and aimed to move above its one-week lows.

Solana’s price movement has been separated from broader market movements. The altcoin has seen a staggering 27.1% gain over the past 24 hours while making a new all-time high.

Tezos [XTZ]

Tezos, AAVE and Solana Price Analysis: September 9th

XTZ / USD, TradingView

Tezos soared 12.5% ​​in the past 24 hours to trade at $ 4.66. It has just passed its resistance at $ 4.30, suggesting the cryptocurrency has been trading back above its two-week low. It is noteworthy that the USD 4.30 level has also acted as a driving price point in the past few weeks.

If it continues to move higher, it could attempt to break the $ 5 mark and then trade near the $ 5.75 level. Tezos could hit its multi-month high of $ 6.05 again after breaking all of the above price caps.

Technical data indicated a recovery in the market. MACDs red histograms receded and showed the beginning of a green histogram. the Relative Strength Index was near the 40 mark after XTZ recovered from oversold.

Parabolic SAR, however, did not quickly reflect the recovery as the dotted lines were still above the candlesticks.

If the rebound could not be sustained, the support line was at $ 4.30 and then at $ 3.90.


Tezos, AAVE and Solana Price Analysis: September 9th

AAVE / USD, TradingView

AAVE rebounded 3.8% in the past 24 hours to trade at $ 342.34. It climbed above its resistance of $ 338.25. If it continues to rebound, the Alt could trade above its 1 week lows and seek to topple the $ 375.40 level. Additional resistance levels are at $ 414.15 and AAVE’s multi-month high of $ 441.27.

Great oscillator Flashing green signal bars because past trading sessions were in the green area. MACD was approaching a bullish divergence with receding red histograms. Purchasing power remained low as the Relative Strength Index was parked below the center line.

In the event that buying pressure does not resume in the next trading sessions, AAVE could fall through its immediate price floor of $ 338.25 and then hit the one-month low of $ 302.90 again.

Solana [SOL]

Tezos, AAVE and Solana Price Analysis: September 9th

SOL / USD, TradingView

Solana rebounded 27.1% and was priced at $ 207.07, which secured a new all-time high. If it moves further north, it could hit the psychological price cap of $ 210. On the 4-hour chart, the altcoin prices were positioned above the 20-SMA. This signaled that the momentum was with the buyers of the market.

Great oscillator was also at an all time high with high green signal bars. Relative Strength Index was above the 75 mark, indicating overbought conditions. MACD pictured green histograms.

A corrective pullback would mean that SOL could fall to the immediate support line of $ 163.74 and then to $ 125.95. If SOL is unable to hold its level, it could trade near its 1-week low of $ 93.20.

Monero, DASH, Compound Price Analysis: September 9th

Monero, DASH, Compound Price Analysis: September 9th

With the price of Bitcoin rebounding slightly and being above $ 46,000 at press time, many altcoins rebounded on the charts.

DASH rose 4.9% and successfully traded above its monthly low. The compound rose 4.8% while pointing to a break above its one-week low of $ 456.76. On the contrary, Monero lost 4.3% of its value and was nearing the next floor price of $ 252.32.

Monero [XMR]

Monero, DASH and Compound Price Analysis: September 9th

XMR / USD, TradingView

Monero was down 4.3% to trade at $ 262.18. The altcoin traded near its immediate support of $ 252.32, which also marks its three-week low. The crypto could move further down to $ 233.25.

Important technical data indicated declining price movements in the market. On the 4-hour chart, the altcoin was below its 20-50-200 SMA, suggesting that the momentum belonged to the sellers.

the MACD pictured red histograms. the Relative Strength Index below the center line, an indication of little pressure to buy. In the end, Chaikin money flow was found above mid-line as capital inflows rebounded.

On the flip side, initial resistance was $ 281.74. Additional price caps expected the coin at $ 305.62 and then at the multi-month high of $ 332.00.


Monero, DASH and Compound Price Analysis: September 9th

DASH / USD, TradingView

DASH rebounded 4.9% in the past 24 hours to trade at $ 204.77. It managed to trade above its support level of $ 182.12, which was a monthly low for DASH. With a consistent rebound, the altcoin could attempt to plummet $ 234.84 and then $ 251.85.

DASH could then hit its multi-month high of $ 279.31 again.

the MACD pictured red histograms. Relative Strength Index was below the 50 mark, a sign that the buying pressure had fizzled out on the market. Great oscillator showed two green signal bars after a series of reds as the Alt saw a recovery on its charts.

When it did not recover, immediate support for the coin was $ 182.12.

link [COMP]

Monero, DASH and Compound Price Analysis: September 9th

COMP / USD, TradingView

COMP reversed its losses slightly by 4.8% over the past 24 hours, trading at $ 414.01. The immediate resistance was at $ 430.06. After getting back to that level, the altcoin could rise above its weekly low by tumbling $ 456.76. Other price caps came in at $ 488.80 and then a four month high of $ 519.37.

The parabolic SAR showed a downtrend as the dotted lines were above the candlesticks. MACD continued to blink red histograms. The Relative Strength Index rebounded slightly and moved out of the oversold territory. However, the indicator was still below the half-line.

If COMP does not consolidate at its price level at press time, the altcoin could fall to its one-month support line of $ 393.07.

Tomi Token Announces First NFT Access to Token Sale

Tomi Token Announces First NFT Access to Token Sale

Tomi, “a decentralized coin aimed at fueling scalable projects with transformative impacts on communities, regions and the world,” as stated on its website, has just launched its first NFT that gives owners early access in the first round of advance sales.

Tomi continued to work creating 5 different artistic and unique NFTs of 1,500 copies each for a total of 7,500 pieces. The NFTs will be launched on the OpenSea Marketplace, and then the TOMI token will have 5 rounds of presale before the public sale on Uniswap on September 21, 2021. Simply put, the NFTs primarily offer pre-sale access, but they also have additional future uses that TOMI will reveal at a later date.

NFTs – an instrument for market stabilization?

The proceeds from the NFT sales are not recognized as profit – all proceeds from the NFT sales are fed back into TOMI’s liquidity and market capitalization at the start of the public sale to ensure that the price of the TOMI token is in the public sale round starts higher than the last round of the advance booking. This represents an innovative approach to fundraising that gives investors some extra guarantees.


Tomi DAO was founded in 2021, and while it’s still young, there are some big project announcements alongside Tomi Token.

“We will the TomiFundMe Platform to promote business ideas on the way to change the world for the better. Anyone can create a profile to share their ideas and benefits to the world. All transaction fees earned from the smart Uniswap contract and the TOMI swap platform are passed on to companies and individuals who select TOMI token holders. “, the Tomi team specified.

Based on the schedule provided, other Tomi branded products such as TomiFundMe will soon be launched ahead of TomiFundMe TOMI exchange and TOMI staking, and in the near future the TOMI blockchain. The TOMI team also spoke about the importance of the Tomi ecosystem:

“We wanted to create something different, something tangible and not reserved exclusively for crypto fans. Yes, cryptocurrency is central to that infrastructure, but we like to say that the common people are at the heart of this ecosystem. So far, people have shown great interest in this NFT-as-a-ticket approach, which attracts people with diverse interests, so we are very optimistic. “

To learn more about how Tomi is changing the world of blockchain, or to grab your TOMI NFTs today, visit https://www.tomitoken.org/

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