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The best time to buy Bitcoin is almost here

The best time to buy Bitcoin is almost here

Bitcoin is down nearly 50% from its May ATH and fears that the coin will get caught in a bear market continues to grow. However, some people view the drop in prices as an opportunity to buy as much bitcoin as possible. While the strategy is solid, the important question is when to buy. The popular analyst Rekt Capital answered this question with the help of Puell Multiple.

Buy bitcoin?

Puell Multiple (P-Multiple) is a data science indicator that shows periods of oversized potential returns for investing in a coin when it is undervalued. It highlights the area that preceded great buying opportunities for Bitcoin. If the indicator has been in the undervalued territory in the past, then the price movement of the coin is usually in consolidation.

In the entire history of Bitcoin, P-Multiple has hit the undervalued zone five times, including the current decline.

The blue boxes on the chart indicate the initial low, which is not directly related to the coin’s fall in price. It is the second low point that sets the price of Bitcoin. Every time P-Multiple hits the green zones, the price drops to the bottom of the market and consolidates for a while. Except for 2020 and possibly this time too.

Historical Puell several lower parts | Source: Rekt Capital

The red box on the chart shows the crash of 2020, but the yellow box represents the actual decline into the undervalued green. This marked the first time in history that the coin consolidated at the market high rather than the low. Even with the P-multiple or the price, we are not yet at the bottom. We could go further down and the price would follow suit.

Best buying opportunity

The better way to find the right time to buy bitcoin that would be financially beneficial would be by observing the higher low trend line of the best fit. The blue line shows the range of all bottoms that P-Multiple has ever made. Touching this line has usually resulted in the sharpest decline, even more so when there is a downward deviation like in 2018. Right now this floor is far from the line of best fit. Rekt Capital stated,

“If we deviate below the best-fit line, that would be the biggest, the best opportunity [to buy]”(Sic)

The line of the best fit | Source: Rekt Capital

Since the first visit to the green area doesn’t reflect Bitcoin’s floor price, it would only make sense to wait now. If P-multiple hits the blue trendline, the price of the king coin could potentially consolidate in the higher ranges. This would be the best buying opportunity for Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin at $ 280,000? This analyst explains how, why and when

  Bitcoin at $ 280,000?  This analyst explains how, why and when

The Bitcoin market is a new market every day just because of its volatility. No matter how accurately you predict the future, the result is always surprising. This time around, however, the case seems a little different as Bitcoin may just have confirmed this theory by top analysts. The price of BTC rose on the 4 hour chart and has done some wonders on other time frames as well.

Bitcoin is said to be worth $ 280,000!

These were the words of Scott Melker aka “The Wolf of All Streets”. In his current analysis video, he took up the monthly chart and brought up some interesting points. First, BTC broke the EQ line or the midline on the monthly chart. The king coin held its candles under the line for over 17 months from June 2019 to November 2020. The coin broke the line in December 2020 and is currently retesting the line for support. As for his prediction of where the coin could go from here, Melker said

“Even if it went to the top of the channel (the top trend line) next month, that would be $ 158,000, a month later $ 168,176, you see, it’ll take a few months … a thousand goals”

Bitcoin monthly chart | Source: Scott Melker

On the daily chart, BTC broke the center line of the descending channel. The coin has actively pushed its way up and has managed to flip it over in support. The forward resistance will also be the 50 MA or the top of the channel.

Bitcoin daily chart | Source: Scott Melker

Last but not least is the 4 hour chart showing a possible Wyckoff accumulation rally. It looks like spring has established itself and should hold USD 36,000 as support. Such a move could even propel Bitcoin to $ 42,000 as it looks like a break from the lows at the moment.

Bitcoin 4 hour chart | Source: Scott Melker

The well-known analyst Rekt Capital also supported this forecast. He recently tweeted about the Bitcoin move that WEMA is keeping an eye on and how it could also create a potential bull market.

Could Bitcoin be in trouble?

With all of these possible rallies, Bill Foster, the Congressman’s latest statement creates a sense of concern. He recently stated that the prevalent ransomware attacks pose a threat to Bitcoin’s legal status. In a virtual event, Foster added:

“I’m not ready yet, but the prevailing opinion in Congress is that if you participate in an anonymous crypto transaction, you are de facto participating in a criminal conspiracy.”

How far Bitcoin goes with possible regulatory hurdles is worth seeing.

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Ethereum, Solana, Cardano: Which of these alternatives would this analyst consider “purchase”?

Ethereum, Solana, Cardano: Which of these alternatives would this analyst consider

The first rule that traders can expect from the cryptocurrency market is volatility and the second? Well, that’s more volatility. Last month, BitcoinAltcoin’s many slumps were followed by declines in the price of altcoins, and at press time, a larger 43% drop in total crypto market capitalization was observed. While most of the top alts like ether and Cardano were 40-50% below their ATHs, and they managed to save themselves from bottoming out.

Lots of investors realigned and sought a safe haven while others were one Leap of faith. Amid these developments, cryptocurrency analyst and YouTuber Jason Pizzino made his position clear specification that he was optimistic about Ethereum in the long run, although he expected ETH to fall versus Bitcoin in the near future.

As the market steadily rebounded from its recent lows, the analyst discussed several crypto assets. About the top altcoin, Ethereum, Pizzino said:

“… ETH, I’m pretty happy with the hold … I still think it’ll fall a little further. It’s starting to slow down. I wouldn’t be so surprised if I saw a small upswing here, maybe to 6%, maybe even further, just to retest those lows before they go any further. “

The YouTuber stressed that Cardano (ADA) was “high on his radar” as it held up its value better than the other alts during the recent sell-off. He pointed out that the ADA / BTC chart has only fallen 18% since the May 15 fall.

Source: Jason Pizzino

The discussion continued about Cardano, the analyst continued:

“Cardano looks strong. This is one of those cryptos that I would buy if I saw a base forming before other cryptos. As I said, I don’t go to old-fashioned shopping, but ADA is definitely at the top of the radar, considering how strong it has held up. “

Pizzino pointed out that May 15th was a strong day in crypto history and although Bitcoin was falling, all other alts were on their ATH.

The analyst made a good case for Solana (SOL), saying that it looks “even stronger than ADA” as it has maintained its BTC value since the decline on May 15. He said:

“SOL / BTC (is) dead at the same (point) as on May 15th. So from that point on we haven’t lost any bitcoin value … that’s strong in my opinion, and as I mentioned earlier, there are now a few alternatives I would consider averaging at dollars, Solana is one of them . Cardano may be different, but Solana looks a little stronger here. ETH may be different, but I’m still waiting for that. “

Interestingly, if one looks at the comparative ROI for the three alts – ADA, ETH and SOL, Solana has the highest ROI in the last 90 days and year against USD. Solana’s 90-day ROI was + 65.86% and its one-year ROI against the USD was + 3835%. Whereas etherThe 90-day ROI and the one-year ROI were +1.14% and +834.82%, respectively. On the other hand, ADA is 90 days ROI 9.88% and the ROI after one year + 1267.33%.

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Bitcoin: When will the Golden Cross take place?

Bitcoin: When will the Golden Cross take place?

The Bitcoin market saw the dreaded Death Cross on June 19, much earlier than expected. But the expected effects didn’t really show up. In fact, this had no significant effect compared to the earlier death crosses. However, the signs of a golden cross are emerging that historically lead to a Bitcoin rally.

The death cross

This event has been feared by the entire crypto community as historically every Death Cross (DC) has resulted in a significant downfall. Instances from past DCs show us how much Bitcoin loses in such an event.

Take a look at the diagrams below and show us how BTC experienced the first major DC in 2014. During this phase, the coin fell 71.53%. Towards the end of next year, Bitcoin saw its first large Golden Cross (GC), which drove the coin into a bull run. Similarly, the 2018 Death Cross brought the coin down 65.11%, and almost a year later the coin had its GC which led the coin to rally.

The Death Cross 2014 and the Golden Cross 2016 | Source: Rekt Capital

Death Cross 2018 and Golden Cross 2019 | Source: Rekt Capital

However, from October 2019 to June 2020, the coin featured a range of DC and GC. These recurring events didn’t have as much of an impact on the price of Bitcoin as such events in general (the March 2020 drop was due to the Covid-19 panic sell-off). These occurrences are known as false crosses or meaningless trend crosses. These phenomena occur within a very short time frame, which is unusual for such significant events.

The time difference between these DCs and GCs was only 60 and 69 days, respectively. Hence, their effects are also short-term, which is why they are not as important as a TLC and GC in general.

The 2019 – 20 fake DCs and GCs | Source: Rekt Capital

The golden cross

In the most recent DC – June 19th – this death cross happened earlier than it should. Historically, a DC occurs at least 107 to 149 days after the first crash. The first crash in this case was the May crash, which saw Bitcoin plunge 53.78%. This means that the expected DC time frame is around the end of July to the beginning of September. However, the death cross occurred in less than 60 days.

Historically accurate time frame of the death cross | Source: Rekt Capital

Because of this, the current DC appears to be a fake DC or a meaningless trend cross. Accordingly, the market should soon have a similar golden cross. While it is a bogus GC, the event would drive the coin up and potentially bring it back to pre-crash levels. Based on the false GC’s historical timeframe, the next one should happen in about 60-69 days from June 19th. This puts the expected time around late July through early September, the exact time frame the DC was originally supposed to take place.

Estimated time frame of the Golden Cross | Source: Rekt Capital

However, for the GC to take place, Bitcoin must keep its price movement above $ 29,000 as that is the critical level of support. As long as the king coin is above it, the last death cross will be invalid and the next golden cross will take place.

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Alfacash is working with Mercuryo to improve credit card options

Alfacash is working with Mercuryo to improve credit card options

Alfacash already offers the trading of over 30 cryptocurrencies for Fiat (and vice versa) in a completely non-custody and automatic process. Several payment methods are available, including credit cards. Now users enjoy a wider range by using this payment. thanks to the new partnership between Alfacash and Mercuryo.

This firm offers a cross-border payment network, including fiat and crypto payments. It was founded in 2018 and already has offices in Estonia and the UK. Last January, they also expanded their services to the United States. Mercuryo promises its customers to “manage crypto without regulatory compliance,” making all processes quick and easy.

By partnering with Alfacash, users of this exchange have the opportunity to choose the best option to pay for their cryptocurrencies with a credit card.

How does it work?

  • Choose “Buy with a card“On the Alfacash website
  • Set the currencies and the amount to buy. You will also need to enter a cryptocurrency address under your full control. If you don’t already have one, we have a useful one Instructions for you!
  • Choose between Simplex (the current provider of Alfacash), Coinify or Mercuryo. All of them offer you fast transactions at competitive prices in different countries.
  • Next you will be redirected to the checkout. You need to share your card details (Mastercard or Visa) and accept the terms to complete the transaction.
  • That’s it. Check your cryptocurrency wallet to discover your new coins!

Benefits of buying cryptos with a credit card

  • Very easy process. The steps are intuitive and anyone can do it from any part of the world.
  • Instant transactions. While other payment methods like bank transfers can be delayed for several reasons, this is instant.
  • Without security risks. The credit card is under your control, as is your cryptocurrency address.
  • You can pay with your earnings later! It’s a credit card, after all.

Continue for Alfacash

  • Support for international bank cards worldwide (deposit / withdrawal functions)
  • Our own card program for 2021
  • Discounts, special programs and more Blog posts and videos on our Youtube channel
  • You can find the full list of supported cryptocurrencies and rates here Here. This also includes Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR) and XRP

To join the conversation, you can follow Alfacash onash telegram and Twitter.

Cheers from the Alfacash team!

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as news / advice.

Despite Bitcoin’s worst Q2 performance in 7 years, the silver lining is here

Bitcoin's worst Q2 performance in 7 years, what to expect?

Bitcoin’s long-term owners, investors, and institutions buying and accumulating (demonstrated by the HODLer composition by intotheblock) are a key factor in increasing the asset’s value. The scarcity narrative has spearheaded the price rally since early 2020.

Bitcoin's worst Q2 performance in 7 years, what can we expect?

Bitcoin Price Chart || Source: CoinGecko

The decline in quarterly returns comes after a 4 month period with returns peaking at 168% in the final quarter of 2020, followed by over 100% in the first quarter of 2021. The last time Bitcoin was priced was positive for Bitcoin quarterly returns 4 months in a row was Q4 2017 and the price fell in Q1 2018, based on data from Skew.

Bitcoin's worst Q2 performance in 7 years, what can we expect?

Bitcoin Quarterly Returns || Source: Skew

The Bitcoin Quarterly Returns will likely have an impact on the social sentiment of traders on the spot exchanges. An important metric to consider after changes in quarterly returns is the availability of Bitcoin addresses with a balance of 1,000 to 10,000. Based on data from Glassnode, that number has steadily increased despite a decline in quarterly returns.

Bitcoin's worst Q2 performance in 7 years, what can we expect?

Bitcoin supply of addresses with a balance of 1k to 10k || Source: Glassnode

Addresses with a balance between 1k and 10k are close to 5 million; in March 2020 that number was 4.8 million, an increase of 4%. All of the supply of bitcoin held by large wallet investors affects the supply of spot and derivatives exchanges, and an increase in that number supports the narrative of the bitcoin supply shortage.

There were two major price drops this quarter, the May 19, 2021 Flash crash and the June 23, 2021 crash. Both crashes were followed by a recovery in Bitcoin price and large wallet investors and institutions continued to accumulate Bitcoin based on theirs Wallet credit data from Glassnode.

At the current price level, 68% of the large wallet investors or HODLers of Bitcoin are profitable. Traders who bought Bitcoin during the slump were briefly profitable when the price topped $ 35,000 and hit the $ 36,000 level.

After a negative return of 40%, a recovery is expected this quarter. As the accumulation has continued and the supply of large wallet investors has increased, the following quarter should be profitable for traders who bought the asset during the slump.

This is also to be expected from the trend in quarterly returns and metrics such as the number of wallet addresses with a balance between 1,000 and 10,000 BTC. A quarter of positive returns could create the conditions for the price of Bitcoin to recover and make a comeback above the $ 40,000 mark and hold it for the long term.

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Can these “game changers” change something for Litecoin?

Can these

Since hitting the $ 120 mark on June 22, Litecoin has risen nearly 20% and rebounded on the charts. Good news, right? Not really, especially when you put it in the context of the fact that LTC was trading above $ 400 less than two months ago.

Now there were extenuating circumstances when Litecoin fell. After all, it was also the larger crypto market that hit Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular. However, it can also be argued that LTC’s recent surge is also thanks to the aforementioned cryptos, with both BTC and ETH rising well above their recent lows.

It is therefore evident that Litecoin on its own has not been able to string bullish performances or rallies. While Litecoin remains an impressive crypto with a market cap of over $ 9.2 billion, it seems its best days are likely behind it, with newer alts like Uniswap, Polkadot, Dogecoin, and Cardano overtaking it on the charts.

That may be a cruel claim, but there are good reasons too.

Ethereum and Relativity

Just look at Litecoin in relative terms, look at it with something like Ethereum next to it. Both Litecoin and Ethereum are two of the older cryptos on the market today, with both having had the opportunity to take advantage of the early market launch. In fact, both can even be viewed as “legacy coins” in many ways.

However, this is where the similarities end. Although the two were never exactly alike, their paths in the past few months have also been radically different. Not only in terms of price development, but also in terms of on-chain key figures, the mood of the community and the pure upward trend.

As mentioned earlier, Ethereum was one of the cryptos that has fallen dramatically in the past 45 days. At press time, ETH was still hovering between $ 2,000 and $ 2,500 price levels, despite a decent rebound, after hitting an ATH of over $ 4,300 a few weeks ago. And yet the mood around ETH Worlds is far from that around Litecoin.

It’s pretty easy to explain why most are optimistic about Ethereum. Growing institutional interest, the transition to PoS, ETH 2.0, and EIP-1559, etc. are all aspects that explain this upward trend, especially since these are all major ecosystem-centric updates that are expected to drive ETH’s value north in the long run . .

The price outlook for MimbleWimble and Litecoin

However, it would be careless and frankly inaccurate to claim that Litecoin is not expecting any updates. In fact, according to Charlie Lee, the upcoming Litecoin updates are sure to be a “game changer”. But what kind of updates are they?

Litecoin will introduce a degree of fungibility and privacy, both aspects that are critical to the properties of healthy money. In addition, these are aspects that will differentiate LTC from BTC, a useful distinction in a market where most litecoin are viewed as “soft” Bitcoin or the silver to Bitcoin’s gold.

“Fungibility is something that Bitcoin and Litecoin are lacking or not so good at today … In terms of the properties of good solid money, BTC and LTC have everything but fungibility.”

Litecoin does the above through the use and application of MimbleWimble technology through expansion blocks. “That will help make it a better form of money,” said Lee.

At the moment the libmw code is still being checked by developers. Indeed, according to the latest update from David Burkett,

“We remain on course for activation towards the end of the year, barring any major surprises from the auditors.”

These are important updates that Litecoin and its community are looking forward to. But what affected the price of Litecoin? Practically negligible. While ETH has risen sharply due to ecosystem-centric developments, Litecoin has not.

Just check out the week after Lee came out to name the aforementioned “game changers” for Litecoin. The altcoin fell over 15% on the charts thanks to the broader market bear market. A statement, a categorical statement like the one above had no effect.

Run on fumes?

There are other factors that contributed to this stagnation as well. Keep this in mind – according to the results of a previous article, the number of Github vaults for Litecoin is terribly small compared to other mainstream cryptos.

The mood in the Litecoin community was also hit, as the altcoin was no longer visible just a few weeks after its top spot in the Sentifi rankings.

It’s hard to tell where Litecoin is going from here. It might look different when the upgrades are activated. At the moment, however, it appears that Litecoin is still running with its legacy coin credentials.

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Dogecoin, Polkadot, UNI price analysis: July 1st

Dogecoin, Polkadot, UNI price analysis: July 1st

Despite an optimistic market, Bitcoin is down 8.4% in the past 24 hours. The impact of this decline was also seen on the market’s altcoins, with Dogecoin, Polkadot and Uniswap seeing some corrections.

Uniswap made some headlines today by becoming the first exchange it was supported through the newly introduced token swap function of CoinMarketCap.

Dogecoin [DOGE]

Source: DOGE / USD – TradingView

On June 28, Elon Musk’s birthday, Dogecoin envisioned a sharp 8.6% surge. Since then, however, the coin has fallen back to its pre-mentioned price level. At the time of publication, DOGE was trading at $ 0.24. For over two weeks, the Alt continued to consolidate within the $ 0.285 and $ 0.21 levels and is likely to continue to do so.

The Bollinger bands had stayed parallel during the last trading sessions, but at the time of this writing there was a slight convergence towards the lower band.

The Great oscillator saw bearish momentum predominant as the red bars continued to follow the green bars. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) could be seen towards the bearish neutral zone, closer to 40.0

While the indicators were pointing to a future price decline, the crypto could still stay above the $ 0.21 mark.

Speckle [DOT]

Source: DOT / USD – TradingView

Despite its volatility, Polkadot has not broken its 12-day resistance and support levels. While the altcoin tested the $ 17 and $ 14 levels, it failed to break both.

The Simple moving averages Lines were in different positions. While 50 SMA (orange) If the line was previously in support, one could watch how it switched to resistance. The 100 SMA (red) Line was already bearish.

The Squeeze momentum indicator On the 4-hour chart, easing bullish pressure was highlighted by the appearance of dark green bars. At the time of writing, the indicator was in an active squeeze (black dots). Capital outflows began to dominate, according to the Chaikin money flow, with the indicator likely to go below zero soon.

DOT can decline further but should consolidate within the above levels.

Uniswap [UNI]

Source: UNI / USD – TradingView

In the past 2 weeks, UNI turned two of its support levels into resistance and continued to test its critical support of $ 14. On the upside, it also tested the USD 19 resistance but failed to break it. As a result, UNI continued to trade below that $ 18 at press time.

The Parabolic SAR registered an active uptrend as the white dotted line appeared under the candlesticks. The Relative Strength Index fell from 64 to 52 and remained stable in bullish-neutral territory.

The MACD gave mixed signals as the fast moving blue line aligned with the red signal line. The histogram was red at the time of writing but did not clearly indicate a bearish crossover.

If the trend stays strong and the market supports it, UNI could potentially break its strong resistance and move higher.

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AscendEX lists HOPR tokens – AMBCrypto

AscendEX lists HOPR tokens - AMBCrypto

AscendEX, formerly BitMax, a global cryptocurrency financial platform with a comprehensive suite of products, is pleased to announce the HOPR Token (HOPR) list under the couple USDT / HOPR on July 1st at 1 p.m. UTC. For the first time, AscendEX will support HOPR deposits and withdrawals from both Ethereum and xDAI chain blockchains. To celebrate the listing, AscendEX and the HOPR team will be jointly launching two limited-time promotional events that will allow users to share HOPR rewards worth USDT70,000!

HOPRs Team consists of highly motivated experts with headquarters in Switzerland with the mission to guarantee universal data protection. By promoting a unique mixnet of incentives, the HOPR protocol enables institutions and retail users to protect their transmitted data and metadata. With the help of one of the most committed communities in the field of crypto, HOPR is building the digital data protection landscape of tomorrow.

HOPR network users can earn the native HOPR token as an incentive to operate nodes that anonymously and securely relay data to other network members by using HOPR’s proof-of-relay system. Users can also use the HOPR token to vote on the DAO experiments by HOPR, a governance initiative with one of the highest participation rates in the crypto space.

In the coming months, HOPR plans to introduce an innovative and playful test environment. In addition, HOPR will showcase its latest data protection research to industry leaders at the EthCC conference in Paris in July.

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel, founder of HOPR, said – “We’re excited to strengthen our relationship with AscendEX, which has been a great resource for our community through our test networks with incentives and our trade show launch in early 2021. This listing will give users inexpensive and seamless access to the HOPR network. The connection created between Ethereum and xDAI Chain represents an important milestone for improved access to DeFi and the crypto community as a whole. “

Igor Barinov, a founder of xDAI Chain, said: “We are proud that HOPR will be the first non-native token on a CEX to support Ethereum and xDAI Chain at the same time. It is also the first xDAI chain token besides the native xDAI that is listed on a CEX. “

HOPR’s investors and strategic supporters include Binance Labs, Spark Digital Capital, AU21, Focuslabs, Caballeros Capital.

About AscendEX

AscendEX (formerly BitMax) is a global cryptocurrency financial platform with a comprehensive suite of products including cash register, Span, and derivatives trading, wallet services and Mark out Support for over 150 blockchain projects such as Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple. AscendEX was founded in 2018 and serves over 1 million private and institutional customers worldwide with a highly liquid trading platform and secure custody solutions. More information is available at www.AscendEX.com.

For more information and updates, see

Website: https://ascendex.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AscendEX_Global

Telegram: https://t.me/AscendEXEnglish

Medium: https://medium.com/ascendex

About HOPR

HOPR, based in Switzerland, is a team of highly motivated experts with a common goal: universal data protection. The HOPR protocol enables companies and users to protect their transmitted data and metadata thanks to its unique incentivized Mixnet. Together with one of the most committed communities in the field of crypto, HOPR is building the digital data protection landscape of tomorrow. HOPR is a

Layer 0 data protection protocol for metadata that can be used to connect devices and the cloud and to realize private transactions in the chain. HOPR has developed state-of-the-art technologies for digital privacy, zero-layer data transmission and decentralized governance. HOPR tokens have three main functions: payment, equity, and voting.

For more information and updates, see

Website: https://hoprnet.org/de

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hoprnet

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dEAWC4G

Telegram: https://t.me/hoprnet

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as a message / advice

Signum – The world’s first sustainable blockchain comes into the light

Signum - The world's first sustainable blockchain comes into the light

Anyone with a green conscience can now join the crypto movement. The next generation and the world’s first truly sustainable Blockchain Signum is now live. As a fully integrated intelligent platform with several innovations, Signum is a one-stop solution for the transfer, trading and mining of its native cryptocurrency Signa (ticker: SIGNA).

Signum combines first-class functions such as smart contracts, peer-to-peer messaging and token creation with fast and secure digital payments – all on a sustainable blockchain.

Smart, safe and sustainable

  • Signum uses less than 0.002% of the energy Bitcoin needs to power its blockchain and its native digital coin Signa (SIGNA).
  • Signum basically does not produce any electronic waste, making it the first blockchain that deserves to be called “sustainable”.
  • Signum is much more than a cryptocurrency. As a customizable platform, it has decentralized applications that are fair, unstoppable and unlimited censorship-resistant.

Why is Signa the future cryptocurrency?

Signa is not just another cryptocoin – it is the foundation of a sustainable future. Like any other cryptocurrency, Signa is mined, traded and stored in a decentralized ledger system, but is also used in all Signum functions – such as token creation, smart contracts and messaging. All of this while not having to deal with the environmental and negative consequences of today’s other cryptocurrencies.

“Given the recent chaos wreaking havoc on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, the introduction of Signum comes at the perfect time following Elon Musk’s criticism of Bitcoin’s exorbitant energy consumption.” says Benjamin Schroeter, Serial Tech Entrepreneur and Chairman of the Signum Network Association (SNA).

What makes Signum really sustainable?

The idea of ​​a sustainable blockchain is not entirely new, many claim that. But Signum is really at the forefront of the sustainability movement. The core development team and its large and dedicated tech community have been working tirelessly on the foundation of Signum since 2019. Signum evolved from the former blockchain Burstcoin, which had its Genesis block in 2014.

Signum has the world Proof of commitment (PoC +) Decentralized consensus as a further development of the Proof of Capacity (PoC) consensus. Unlike the well-known Proof of Work (PoW) consensus used by Bitcoin and many other coins (which require special power hungry devices), PoC + simply uses the available storage space.

This innovative consensus offers miners a new way to increase their effective storage capacity – by setting a Signa balance (stake) on their account. This will help secure the network and improve their chances of earning mining rewards. PoC + is a greener option as it can increase its effective capacity without purchasing additional equipment.

According to Benjamin Schröter “Since there are no energy worries and no electronic waste, Signum can be the solution for many everyday applications that are currently running on energy-hungry blockchains. We can help companies and people to launch new ideas sustainably and fairly on Signum. Basically there are no restrictions with Signum. “

Signum’s core values

Signum’s philosophy is based on a number of core values ​​that continue to form the basis of everything that is developed on the platform.

Fairness, sustainability and innovation are the focus of Signum:

  • sustainable mining
  • empower small miners to achieve real decentralization
  • Build a secure network
  • low fees
  • Providing a feature-rich platform
  • and global accessibility

JJos, the main developer of Signum, believes “Signum’s core philosophy is what makes this blockchain and its community so powerful. With the latest Signum Hard Fork, we are finally moving into the limelight and want to be among the top 50 in the crypto world. “

Discover Signum

Signum is the world’s first truly sustainable blockchain with first-class applications on a sustainable, cutting-edge blockchain architecture. Signum operates its native crypto currency Signa (SIGNA) with a low energy content and without additional electronic waste compared to other crypto currencies. Signum supports users and developers all over the world with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life.

SNA is a Swiss non-profit organization (founded in 2021) that provides a solid foundation for Signum to grow and realize its vision of a sustainable and innovative blockchain.

Learn more at https://signum.network/

See what Signum stands for: https://youtu.be/9oMD2AO7aeE

Get Signa: https://signum.network/exchanges.html

Log in to Signum,







Hanna Stahlberg

PR & Marketing Signum

[email protected]

+49 (0) 151 572 272 12

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as a message / advice