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XRP, Dogecoin and Cardano price analysis: August 14th

XRP, Dogecoin and Cardano price analysis: August 14th

XRP was up 13.6% while keeping track of its $ 1.22 resistance level. Dogecoin managed to stay afloat above the $ 0.26 support line after posting gains and eventually ADA’s move appeared optimistic amid updates to Alonzo’s launch date.


XRP, Dogecoin and Cardano price analysis: August 14th

XRP / USD, TradingView

XRP rose a whopping 13.6% in the past 24 hours as prices hit a multi-month high of $ 1.16. The bulls finally crossed the resistance at $ 1.06 after retesting the level 24 hours ago. XRP could attempt to test the immediate resistance level of $ 1.22. The technical data has remained extremely optimistic for XRP.

The Relative Strength Index shot into overbought territory but a reversal is expected. Awesome Oscillator also signaled buying strength after showing green signal bars above the center line. MACD saw a bullish crossover followed by a resumption of bull momentum.

If XRP cannot hold at this current price level, the slump could push the asset to the $ 1.06 support.


XRP, Dogecoin and Cardano price analysis: August 14th

DOGE / USD, TradingView

Dogecoin is up 5.4% in the past 24 hours; It was $ 0.29. This price marks a two-month high for Dogecoin. The four hour chart showed bullish for the coin.

Relative Strength Index remained near the overvalued zone; Awesome Oscillator blinked green signal bars, a reading suggesting bullish trading.

The Bollinger Bands stayed parallel with little divergence, suggesting that Doge would trade within a price range.

If prices drop, support for Doge will be at $ 0.26.


XRP, Dogecoin and Cardano price analysis: August 14th

ADA / USD, TradingView

The bulls continue to push ADA’s prices higher as the coin rose 9.1% in the past 24 hours. This price hike could be related to the announcement of Cardano’s smart contract launch date. Cardano is ready to launch the main launch of Alonzo HardFork on September 12th.

Looking at the technical data, ADA showed an upward trend in prices. The Relative Strength Index was above 70, in the overbought zone. Awesome Oscillator blinked green signal bars to indicate the same thing.

Chaikin Money Flow remained positive despite a decline in capital inflows. In the event of an ADA pullback, it could fall to the USD 1.88 support line.

Ethereum, Binance Coin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 14th

Ethereum, Binance Coin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 14

Bitcoin has been pumping since yesterday as it managed to stay above the $ 47,000 mark. Ethereum was also above the $ 3,000 mark, eyeing the resistance level of $ 3,329.94. Finally, Binance Coin attempted to retest $ 406.90 after seeing a 2.4% increase in the past 24 hours.


Ethereum, Binance Coin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 14th

ETH / USD, TradingView

Ethereum was down 4.9% at a price of $ 3,298.35. The Alt held above $ 3,000 and may now target its immediate resistance of $ 3,329.94. The four-hour chart for ETH showed bullish momentum in the price for the upcoming trading sessions. The London hard fork could also catapult prices higher, hitting the $ 4,000 mark.

Awesome Oscillator showed green signal bars and was held above the half-line. A bullish crossover followed by green histograms was visible on the MACD, suggesting an upward move.

The Bollinger Bands opened slightly, showing an increase in market volatility. In the event of a slide below current price levels, the immediate support level was $ 3,099.

Binance coin

Ethereum, Binance Coin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 14th

BNB / USD, TradingView

After rising 2.4%, BNB was valued at $ 406.90 at press time. Technology for BNB-flashed mixed signals. The BNB tried to retest its $ 406.90 resistance level and if it fails to hold that level during the immediate trading sessions, the BNB could hit the $ 389.53 support level.

In line with mixed signals on the chart, Awesome Oscillator displayed a red signal bar after a series of green signal bars. The MACD was nearing a bearish crossover as the green histograms decreased in size. The NBB also showed a decreasing divergence in the MACD indicator.

However, the Relative Strength Index remained bullish as it was above the 60 mark, suggesting buying strength in the market. In the event that prices move up, the immediate resistance area remains at $ 411.77.


Ethereum, Binance Coin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 14th

BTC / USD, TradingView

Bitcoin saw its price jump 4.3% in the past 24 hours and traded at $ 47,009. It marked a multi-month high for BTC when it hit $ 47,000. It had finally managed to rise and stay above the $ 45,000 resistance level and is now targeting $ 47,999.00.

Bitcoin specs stayed bullish, MACD noted a bullish crossover, followed by the green signal bars on the Awesome Oscillator. Buying pressure rose from bearish territory to over 60, increasing bullish control on the Relative Strength Index.

In the event of a price reversal, Bitcoin could find immediate support at $ 45,002.

Cardano Prize: The following “offered a kind of security”

Cardano Prize: The following

The Cardano blockchain has had a great year to say the least. ADA’s journey from $ 0.2 in January to $ 2.42 in May to institutional launch and ultimately fourth place is worth a look. While the crypto ecosystem is notorious for its currencies quickly becoming stars and sometimes suddenly forgotten, the story is very different in the case of Cardano.

What is all the hype about?

On August 13, ADA’s price rose above $ 2, nearing the asset’s all-time high three months ago. The Cardano price increase was largely due to IOHK’s Nigel Hemsley video announcement stating that the Cardano network would be updated on September 12th this year. With the highly anticipated ‘Alonzo Purple’ upgrade less than a month away, the ADA hype seemed to be mounting too. The upgrade is designed to strengthen the network with fully functional, advanced smart contract solutions.

With ADA now ranked 4th among the most valuable cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of around $ 63 billion, taking the place of USDT, the social volume will inevitably increase. On August 13, Cardano’s social volumes hit an all-time high since May 15. These notable peaks and Cardano’s high search volume came as no surprise.

Source: Sanbase

When social metrics are very high, it usually means more “talking than doing,” but in the case of ADA, high social volumes have historically corresponded with high prices.

Will the rally continue if Bitcoin fails to flip $ 48,000?

Although ADA has managed to set up its own rallies and dips independently from the rest of the market (which very few alts do), Bitcoin is still more or less a driving force behind the larger market. With BTC facing strong resistance at the $ 48,000 level, there has certainly been time for the alts to rally, but the real question is, would they bounce back if Bitcoin didn’t?

However, the fear of massive losses shouldn’t worry ADA holders very much. In this light, aAnalyst Benjamin Cowen highlighted in a recent video how the ADA had maintained its level during the last rally. He said further said:

“Even if Bitcoin is going down, the recent ADA rally has provided some kind of security, and if ADA’s prices go down, it will just go back to its sandbox and consolidate in the old range, which is not that bad.”

That being said, ADA’s circulating market cap has seen a parabolic rebound, making a bold move for the alternative at a time when ADA is only 10% below its ATH. In fact, at the time of writing, around 98% of ADA owners were making money. Cardano also highlighted bullish network growth of 2.31%.

Source: Messari

While at the time of writing the chances of ADA reaching its ATH seem pretty good, ADA seems a little difficult to re-do another ATH. The $ 2.4 mark will act as a major drag for Cardano and will have to push forward strongly if it needs to break it.

Bitcoin and Altcoins: This portfolio technique could maximize your ROI

Bitcoin and Altcoins: This portfolio technique could maximize your ROI

Who doesn’t want an ideal portfolio, perfect investments and a high return? Almost everyone strives for a perfect investment portfolio with a balance of ROI risk and the dream of retiring to the beach in their late 30s. The idea is fun, but what is the one thing that few get right in the search for the perfect portfolio is strategy!

There are tons of ways in which to organize and strategically plan your investments, but there is one way that has been around for decades and that is a simple 60/40 portfolio. The idea is to invest 60% of the portfolio in stocks and the rest 40% in bonds. While stocks are traditionally believed to generate growth, bonds are there to reduce volatility and generate income.

Even if the traditional 60/40 technique is supposed to ensure smooth growth, what happens if, for example, part of the portfolio is assigned to cryptocurrencies. Are the ROIs increasing or is the risk becoming too great? Let’s find out …

Bitcoin in the portfolio can make that difference

Allocating part of the portfolio to Bitcoin can significantly increase the overall return while tilting the risk scale up a little at the same time. Recently, an Ecoinometrics update highlighted that keeping 5% of the portfolio in Bitcoin and 37.5% in bonds and 57.5% in stocks could be a good strategy. Even if Bitcoin’s ROI is zero, that’s 5% of the portfolio anyway.

Source: Ecoinometry

It was further highlighted that at 5% risk after two halving cycles the total return would be 2.5 times higher than the traditional 60/40 (as seen in the graph above) which is pretty good. But what happens when the stakes are increased? What if, following the 60/40 strategy, you allot 60% in stocks and 40% in Bitcoin? In this case, the returns are off the charts, as can be seen in the table below.

Source: Ecoinometry

That’s not all, if you look at the same statistics on a rolling performance basis, the one-year rolling returns also performed better than the traditional method. As can be seen, it is noteworthy that the 5% allocation in BTC does not fall in the range of negative one-year returns very often. The 5% allocation almost always exceeds the traditional 60/40 ratio.

What about the risk?

The 5% allocation seems like the safest choice when you put it all together, but a 40% allocation will produce higher returns. The problem with this is that Bitcoin and almost all cryptocurrencies are subject to higher market risks than a traditional asset. Just recently, during the bear market, Bitcoin’s ROI was not high enough. In fact, BTC’s 3 month ROI at the time of writing was -0.69%.

Source: Ecoinometry

What really matters here is the portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns and if this is your strategy then 40% in BTC has been the clear winner over the past 8 years. Ecoinometrics measured the risk-adjusted returns using the Sortino ratio and highlighted that adding both 5% and 40% Bitcoin doubles the risk-adjusted returns compared to the traditional 60/40 portfolio. This further meant that even a small portfolio allocation in Bitcoin could generate high returns.

Adding altcoins could be a game changer?

So adding Bitcoin to the portfolio is a highly profitable strategy, but what if you add more risk to the game? Although Bitcoin is the king coin when it comes to high returns and massive rallies, the altcoins don’t lag behind either. In particular, realigning the portfolio to 60/40, with 40% allocated to cryptocurrencies including altcoins, could be another profitable strategy.

At press time, 97% of Ethereum holders were making money, while the same number was 96% for ADA. Similarly, Litecoin and Chainlink both highlight a profitability of over 60% and have made a good allocation in the portfolio, as in. highlighted This post.

While the final decision as to which type of portfolio to choose is always the investor, it’s never too bad to look at all of the options. Plus, with alts like Ethereum and Cardano doing pretty well on the institutional interest rate front, pumping up your portfolio isn’t that bad, even if it comes with a little more risk.

XRP, which is higher than Bitcoin on this metric, is a rare phenomenon

XRP, which is higher than Bitcoin on this metric, is a rare phenomenon

The decline in XRP that lifted the price of the old from its all-time high of $ 3.31 to below $ 1, rocked investors and traders. That rally was a sigh of relief for these investors, however, as the price of the Alt rose nearly 40% in a week. Oddly enough, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even BNB had seen smaller gains since compared to XRP which was one of the top weekly winners at the time of writing (second only to Cardano).

While XRP traders are getting a lot of cheers that the Alt has finally hit the $ 1 mark for the first time in 10 weeks, it will be interesting to see how this price rally plays out for the Alt who has been in for the past few years cycle has fallen by more than 80%.

Finally, high market value for XRP

When XRP swung close to $ 0.5 a month ago and made headlines, but not about its gains or metric highs but about the SEC vs. Ripple case, the thought that the Alt could recapture the $ 1 level would be one distant dream. Now that XRP is testing that crucial $ 1 mark, questions about how to keep the rally going are back on the table.

Well, for one, XRP’s price rebound was aided by a solid surge in MVRV (60 days) which, according to Santiment, was showing an anomaly (high levels) at the time of writing. This meant that this was actually a bull run and that the long term owners are finally getting some benefits from it. The MVRV for the Alt was at the time of writing the May 15 levels, which corresponded to the peak price of XRP at the time.

Source: Sanbase

XRP’s return to the overbought zone for the first time since its April ATH award was nothing short of a miracle for owners of the old. On the bottom, With XRP still 69.98% below its ATH, the RSI in the overbought zone could mean the price could fall after selling pressures set in. But as long as other metrics hold up, XRP could hold on to its profits. In this sense, a look at the development page for XRP has given us a lot of reassurance.

A Santiment tweet highlighted how development activity rates for the top cryptos showed continued dominance. Interestingly, however, in an unprecedented trend, the XRP network was approaching a higher daily Github development rate than Bitcoin, “which has rarely happened”.

Source: mood

Though XRP’s social sentiment didn’t highlight major uptrends for the Alt, its active addresses hit the May 15th levels on August 11th. Additionally, development activity for XRP hit new all-time highs at the time of writing. Even daily active addresses held up pretty well with high trading volumes and rising prices.

Source: Sanbase

While everything looked fine to sixth-placed alto, it’s best to keep an eye out for it Warning signals such as a decline in active addresses or low trade candles when prices are high. Especially when you consider XRP’s nearly 10% decline on August 12, it’s important to keep an eye on key levels like the $ 0.8 mark.

Cardano, Litecoin and Polkadot: What Merchants Need to Know

Cardano, Litecoin and Polkadot: What Merchants Need to Know

Although bitcoin controls almost half of the total crypto market, altcoins also play a very important role in enhancing the market. Looking at the recent performance of some of the major altcoins, it appears that they have the potential to take the altcoin market cap (altcap) to higher levels.

Are altcoins worth it?

They are very. Lately, many altcoins have made significant gains in the past few days. The altcap has been rising steadily over the past 2 weeks and is currently at $ 1.055 trillion.

It’s not far from hitting its ATH of $ 1.35 trillion and the odds are good. If you watch the candlestick movement you can see how the altcap successfully retested the ATH in 2017.

In addition, altcoin market cap broke month-long weekly resistance and rose above April levels.

AltCap rally | Source: Rect capital

Going forward, there is very little chance of further resistance as it approaches its ATH (May Level). This is supported by the indicators Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Chaikin Money Flow (CMF). The RSI rates the total value of the asset and in the case of Altcap on the weekly chart, it is not yet in the overbought zone. This means that the Alt market still has some chance of rising.

Additionally on the daily chart CMF indicates enormous capital inflows into the market. This is a good sign for the market itself. But when it comes to which alt does best, there are some interesting observations.

AltCap RSI is rising | Source: TradingView – AMBCrypto

What alts are up?

Overall, almost all coins are doing well thanks to the recent rally. But highlighting someone doesn’t do it justice. Aside from Ethereum, the coins that have cut off in the past few days are Cardano, Litecoin, and Polkadot.

Right now, ADA is up 10.99%, LTC is up 5.7%, and DOT is up 3.8%. However, looking at the past four days, ADA, LTC and DOT increased 37.5%, 21.74% and 12.52%, respectively.

Cardano 37.5% increase | Source: TradingView – AMBCrypto

In addition, on-chain data also shows its overall performance. In terms of transaction volume, ADA has a constant volume of $ 4 billion to $ 5 billion. LTC has a range of $ 1 billion to $ 4 billion, and every now and then increases.

In terms of daily active addresses, although ADA saw a slight decrease, addresses remain near the 70,000 range in most parts. LTC, on the other hand, has active addresses of around 300k and continues to rise. And while DOT doesn’t have that high number of addresses, they keep pace with the growing market with increasing addresses.

Litecoin Active Addresses | Source: Glassnode – AMBCrypto

Based on participation and performance in the chain, it becomes clear how these alts support the market. Keep in mind, however, that the Altcap RSI, which extends into the overbought territory, could cause a trend reversal that brings values ​​down.

Surprising Investor: Intel now owns Coinbase shares


								Surprising Investor: Intel now owns Coinbase shares

US multinational Intel Corp. has revealed the purchase of shares in America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. The technology company, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, currently owns just over 3,000 COIN shares.

  • Founded in 1968, Intel Corporation is among the largest technology companies with revenues approaching $ 80 billion last year.
  • According to recent reports, the behemoth has received exposure to the cryptocurrency space by buying shares in one of the most important companies in the industry.
  • More specifically, Intel revealed it had acquired 3,014 shares of Coinbase, which it held at the end of June.
  • As previously reported, the largest US stock exchange was listed on the NASDAQ in mid-April. At the time, COIN stock was trading around $ 400 and the total valuation exceeded $ 100 billion.
  • The subsequent turbulence in the market caused a drop in the price of COIN, which closed at $ 261 on Friday. Consequently, this means that Intel’s total allocation is worth around $ 800,000 at the moment.
  • Although Coinbase has been a publicly traded company since April, the report suggests it is possible that Intel invested in the exchange even before the direct listing.
  • Other companies that have earmarked funds in the trading platform include Cathie Wood’s investment management company ARK Invest.

Featured image courtesy of PCGamer


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FUN Token is now accepted on Travala.com for flight, hotel and tour bookings

FUN Token is now accepted on Travala.com for flight, hotel and tour bookings

FUN token holders can now book over 3,000,000 travel products in over 230 countries and thus increase FUN adoption

FUNToken has teamed up with the world’s leading crypto online travel agency; Travala.com. The online travel agency has integrated FUN into the travel website’s platform.

The integration enables FUN toAllow holders to book over 2.2 million hotels and apartments, 600+ airlines and 40,000+ activities in more than 230 countries. This utility extends the use cases of FUN tokens.

FUN already has a potential user base of 42 million thanks to its strategic partnership with Freebitco.in, one of the largest online casinos in the world. Now that FUN is exposed to Travala users, FUN will have a larger user base that will benefit the FUN ecosystem.

Adriaan Brink, CEO, FUNToken, said, “This literally opens up a new world of fun for FUNToken holders. And since it’s arguably a gamble in these Covid days – haha ​​- we’re excited to bring this new utility to the token. Book your flights to Vegas, Macau or Monaco with FUN now.

Comment on the partnership, Juan Otero, CEO of Travala.com, said

In continuing our commitment to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, we are very excited to partner with FUNToken to fuel the growth of the crypto community and bring a new use case to FUN. The team impressed me with their vision for their business and I have no doubt that it will make waves in the crypto community. ”

Via Travala.com

Travala.com was founded in 2017 and is now supported by the industry giant Binance. Travala.com is the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with over 2,200,000 accommodations, over 400,000 activities in 230 countries and 600 airlines worldwide. Travala.com is a master at cryptocurrency adoption, accepting over 50 leading cryptocurrencies along with traditional payment methods. AVA, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, supports Travala.com’s value proposition. The AVA token can be used for payments, receiving loyalty rewards and receiving discounts and bonuses, among other things. In addition to unbeatable prices over his Best price guarantee, Smart users on Travala.com can also enjoy additional ones Discounts and loyalty rewards for authorized bookings on the platform.

More information about Travala.com can be found at: .

Further information on AVA can be found at: www.travala.com/ava

About FUNToken.io

FUNToken.io is the business unit behind FUNToken, which is dedicated to the construction and operation of a decentralized blockchain Gaming ecosystem. FUNToken.io offers a clear direction for the use of the token, the relevant software development and technical infrastructure. FUNToken.io encourages game operators to use the FUNToken ecosystem. FUNToken.io plan to launch a sidechain that is more powerful and cheaper than Ethereum; develop new products including a new casino and peer-to-peer gaming in the chain including casino, sports betting and poker; and move beyond the current gaming options, to accept other games such as social gaming.

Find out more.

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What you need to know about this “big outlier” in the Bitcoin market

What you need to know about this

Bitcoin has managed to go from under $ 30K to over $ 45K and as a king coin Inches closer to its ATH, bullishness was the tune of the hour. Amid the general price gains from portfolio expansion and iInvestors went all into that Trading, Bitcoin lost momentum. BTC’s upward momentum stalled when Bitcoin closed below $ 44,000 on August 12.

Institutional interest low?

It is not unknown that the institutional interest in BTC acts as a major catalyst for price. One metric that measures institutional interest in the coin is Grayscale Premium, which tracks capital flows into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). Oddly, however, the grayscale premium hit lows as Bitcoin prices continued to rise. While the premium has fluctuated in negative territory since March, its values ​​continued to depreciate at the time of writing.

Source: Skew

A higher grayscale premium highlights a higher bitcoin inflow into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which causes GBTC to trade at a premium in relation to the BTC spot price. Conversely, a lower premium means a decreasing BTC inflow, which causes GBTC to trade at a discount to the Bitcoin spot price. In hindsight, it’s noteworthy that the average premium at the time of writing was 3.83% while the latest reading is -12.8%, which was too low given the price of BTC.

BTC owned by equity interests

With the grayscale premium falling, it’s interesting to take a look at stock-owned BTC. Recently, Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo highlighted that 0.9% of the supply is in corporate treasuries and 3.7% in ETFs. Here, “participation” is what is “generally available” to the public, that is, grayscale and publicly traded companies and ETFs.

Source: Willy Woo Twitter

Woo further emphasized: “It is now carrying a blocked oversupply from the lucrative arbitrage trading. Because of this oversupply, it is slowly bleeding out and the fees are on fire. ‘ He also said:

“Grayscale trust remains the big outlier. Note that their stocks decrease due to their 2% management fees that weigh on the balance. To put that in perspective, while Square has amassed 8,027 BTC since October. Grayscale deducted more than that in fees. “

These bullish signs cannot be ignored

While the GBTC premium acts as a catalyst for price growth, it’s not the only metric that dictates the price of Bitcoin. In connection with this, it was also noteworthy that Bitcoin continued to flow from the exchanges at a rate between 75,000 and 100,000 per month in August. Analytics site, Glassnode pointed out that this magnitude of outflows resembles the period between 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, when heavy accumulation and GBTC arbitrage trading dominated.

Source: Glassnode

It is important to note a higher GBTC premium for an ideal rally. However, Bitcoin’s network growth was growing faster than ever, with 1.2 million users added in the last 30 days alone, indicating the network was growing steadily despite falling prices.

AAVE, Litecoin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 13th

AAVE, Litecoin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 13

Bitcoin’s recent spike to $ 47,052 had an impact on altcoins like AAVE and Litecoin. AAVE neared breaking the $ 424 resistance while LTC rose 6.3% over the past 24 hours.


AAVE, Litecoin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 13th

AAVE / USD, TradingView

AAVE was up 3.4% in the past 24 hours, and prices were $ 422.13. The indicators flashed bullish signals and if AAVE tips above the immediate resistance at $ 424.00 it could target $ 444.27.

Awesome Oscillator read green signal bars that indicated bullish movements on the chart. The Relative Strength Index stayed positive as it was seen around the 60 mark, despite seeing a small downward trend.

The Bollinger Bands ran in parallel with negligible constriction, suggesting that market volatility would remain low over the next few trading sessions. In the event of a reversal, the first support line is at $ 375.40.


AAVE, Litecoin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 13th

LTC / USD, TradingView

Litecoin saw its price jump 6.3% to $ 182.05 since yesterday. A jump above current resistance of $ 182.56 could cause LTC to challenge $ 194.44; a level last touched in June.

Buying pressure skyrocketed, as the Relative Strength Index shows. If LTC maintains its bullish stance, it could move straight into the overbought zone. The MACD also showed the beginning of a bullish price move as it displayed a green histogram after a bullish crossover.

The parabolic SAR noted dotted lines under the price candle, a reading that indicated an upward trend in price. If the bulls fail to maintain momentum, support is at $ 161.17.


AAVE, Litecoin and Bitcoin Price Analysis: August 13th

BTC / USD, TradingView

Bitcoin stood at $ 47.052 after up 3% from yesterday. The price was hovering around the $ 46K mark today. This northward movement came after the new developments in the US infrastructure law. The next level of resistance for BTC is at $ 47,800.

Awesome Oscillator has detected the appearance of green signal bars. The Relative Strength Index was 60, suggesting an increase in buying pressure. Chaikin Money Flow also noted that capital inflows were confirmed by the tiny increase above the center line.