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NetFlowCoin: The world’s first decentralized internet application platform based on SDN and blockchain

NetFlowCoin: The world's first decentralized internet application platform based on SDN and blockchain

NetFlowCoin is a fully functional, secure and decentralized network that acts as a buffer between its users and the centralized internet. Made possible by combining blockchain technology with a software defined network.

With its native protocol NFC (also “NetFlowCoin”) token, the NetFlowCoin project provides users with a dApp marketplace and a circulating digital asset ecosystem.

Together with blockchain technology, the NFC project provides users with a decentralized network resource that transforms key elements of the internet infrastructure into an algorithmic market.

Since it is powered by a unique incentive mechanism, it is distributed, encrypted and can survive regardless of the technology monopolies.

The essence of the NetFlowCoin network

Simply put, the NetFlowCoin project is a combination of Software Defined Network (“SDN”) technology and blockchain technology.

SDN technology is used by millions of users worldwide and is an integral part of enterprise-level applications. It is known to be a super gateway that enables extensive data compression, encryption, high bandwidth, and processing power with low latency.

Layered over the Internet, NFC builds a global intelligent edge network with chain network integration to expand its computing power through “cloud edge end” synergy. By leveraging the bandwidth, storage, edge computing and data resources of NFC, NetFlowCoin forms an intelligent, secure and reliable network.

NetFlowCoin public blockchain architecture

By introducing a ledger to record traffic, storage and other resource data in the NFC network, the NFC project can remain decentralized and at the same time open to all users. In addition, NFC can reward users for providing their unused resources without the risk of political or business influence.

The NetFlowCoin blockchain runs on NFC tokens that miners earn by providing network resources (storage / bandwidth / edge computing) to users of the network. The NFC token can be used for business transactions, currencies within dApps and other uses defined in the NFC ecosystem.

While NetFlowCoin SDN technology ensures the rapid flow of data from user to designated user in a precise and secure manner, the blockchain layer promotes the healthy development of the network and strengthens security during expansion.

The NFC token gives users an incentive to contribute to the stable operation and business expansion of the entire NFC project. Implement intelligent contract technology to lay the foundation for complex, automated and lucrative business processing mechanisms.

NetFlowCoin’s blockchain architecture solves many of the problems plaguing the crypto mining industry. This is made possible by the hybridized consensus mechanism of NFC, which consists of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Proof of Valuable Flow (or PoVF). The purpose of these mechanisms is to welcome both established and new miners to the blockchain.

Note: For more information on the NetFlowCoin public chain architecture or the NetFlowCoin nodes, see the NetFlowCoin white paper.

What can users expect from NetFlowCoin?

NetFlowCoin is a solution for users who want to free their data and footprint from the intrusive, centralized internet. The NetFlowCoin Project brings the following benefits to all users, miners, developers and partners:

  • Access to network layer functions: Provides open source interfaces for developers to create dApps (blockchain browser, wallet, DEX, decentralized IM, NRC20 token, NFT, etc.)
  • Innovative data flow mining: Anyone can participate in NFC mining thanks to the novel dual consensus mechanism of NFC. Block mining and data flow mining enable a custom approach to value creation. The NFC token has multi-dimensional applications in the market.
  • Green energy: the personal server consumes extremely little energy.
  • Ultra-safe and super-fast performance: The combined blockchain technology and the SDN layer of NFC ensure an efficient and secure network of values ​​for data communication.
  • Innovation consensus: ultra-high processing capacity for business use. Made to adapt to different scenarios, rapid growth and hyper-scalability.
  • Seamless access: to the NFC network-compatible dApp marketplace.

Participation is mining on NFC

NetFlowCoin uses a dual token model in which NFC (“NetFlowCoin”) tokens are issued based on the local blockchain and NFCS (“NetFlowCoin Stable”, anchored in the USD) stable coins are issued according to the ERC20 standard and as Bridge between the digital and the “real” economy. NFCS tokens serve as the basic communication service fee for traffic mining and payment information.

The NetFlowCoin blockchain consists of a hybridized consensus model. The two consensus mechanisms are Delegated Proof of Stake (or DPos) and Proof of Verified Flow (or PoVF).

Block mining

The Delegated Proof of Stake or DPoS consensus mechanism rewards NFC tokens by staking out tokens to hold a vote.

Block mining through the DPoS consensus, where miners promise NFC and vote for certain “candidate nodes” (21 delegates per counting cycle) to get the right to produce blocks for 7 days. The NFC token is awarded to the delegate each time a block is produced.

DataFlow mining

The Proof of Verified Flow or PoVF mechanism is based on a mining reward mechanism

on the actual valuable uplink traffic generated by each node in the system.

DataFlow mining via PoVF consensus, in which the server uses the miner’s NFCS (NetFlowCoin Stable, an ERC20 stable coin that can be purchased via the NFC platform) in the user account to generate uplink traffic (DataFlow) . The PoVF mechanism converts the traffic (DataFlow) into NFC tokens and assigns them to the user.

How can you mine on NetFlowCoin?

  1. Download the. down WeLine application and register your account (available on both Google play and iOS app store).
  2. Buy 1x personal server.
  3. Download and install the Blube wallet and register the wallet address
  4. Complete the binding of the wallet NFC address with the WeLine account and the personal server SN.
  5. Top up NFCS or buy NFC tokens to convert to NFCS.

For specific details on NetFlowCoin mining data, blockchain data query, pledge lock data, DPoS consensus data, and one-click coin dispensing services, Visit NFCScan.

What NetFlowCoin means for developers

Today, distributed applications, or “dApps” are still in their early stages and a handful are starting to become popular. DApps’ ability to interact with smart contracts on the blockchain offers endless opportunities to add value for NetFlowCoin users.

The NFC application layer offers developers various open source interfaces. Developers are a cornerstone of NetFlowCoin’s decentralized marketplace. NFC offers developers a variety of open source interfaces to create new dApps in the decentralized app store.

NetFlowCoin supports smart contracts on Ethereum as well as the smart contract programming language Solidity. The NetFlowCoin platform can host an infinite number of application scenarios for users at the application layer, such as:

  • Network resource sharing (bandwidth sharing or acceleration) dApp
  • DE data release dApp
  • DEX
  • Decentralized video streaming network / platform
  • Decentralized data trading platform
  • NRC20 token
  • NFT
  • IOT platform
  • KYC / CIS / identity verification
  • Decentralized MMORPG
  • NFC lottery dApp

Join NetFlowCoin Today!

Connecting to NetFlowCoin is easy! Download the. down WeLine application and register your account (available on both Google play and iOS app store) to join the NFC community today.

You can find more information about NFC at NetFlowCoin.io and in our latest whitepaper.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.

Soku Swap: Provision of a secure blockchain-based solution in the DeFi area.

Soku Swap: Provision of a secure blockchain-based solution in the DeFi area.

The advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has enabled millions of users around the world to achieve privacy, freedom, and stability. The idea of ​​decentralization in the crypto space is to give users control over their funds, investments and privacy without interference from banks and third parties.

In addition, decentralization solves the problem of corruption, inefficient services and system failures in the financial system.

Soku Swap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange hosted on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain. It uses automated market maker smart contracts to create liquidity.

Soku Swap has a crypto education system that offers free crypto courses to reduce the spread of misinformation about cryptocurrencies and enable users to trade informed on their platform. In addition, the 24/7 live chat ensures that users have all the help they need while trading on the platform.

The Soku Swap Platform

What makes Soku Swap the crypto community’s choice is the fact that it addresses the main pain point, which is the high gas fee in the ecosystem. Gas efficiency is one of the core components achieved through the use of optimized AMM smart contracts. This allows Soku Swap to offer a 10% lower gas fee compared to other exchanges.

This gas efficiency is shared by all platform-supported cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged. The addition of the Binance Smart Chain for swaps makes it even more gas-friendly. Even in the current market flooded with NFT deals, Soku Swap enables users to have low gas fees on their transactions.

The user’s liquidity in the Soku swap pools is managed through SOKU LP, the liquidity tokens issued by the platform. Essentially, these tokens represent the user’s liquidity in the Soku pools. If the user bets on Ethereum, they will receive SOKU LP token of type ERC20 and for the users providing liquidity on Binance Smart Chain the token will be of type BEP20.

The purpose of Liquidity Tokens is to provide more liquidity to users as they can use these tokens to conduct various financial activities without actually taking their liquidity from the liquidity pools. This helps in two ways:

a. It enables users to receive interest on their wagered amount while using the liquidity provided by the issued tokens. The liquidity of the protocol is maintained.

The platform creates a truly decentralized environment through the availability of SOKU, the governance token that can be used to truly decentralize the Soku swap platform. Anyone who owns SOKU is allowed to vote on critical protocol decisions such as upgrades or the future of replacements.

In addition, loyal or permanent users who use SOKU LP and make a few trades on the exchange every week are allocated a small part of the trading volume.

This serves as the platform’s incentive model. As the exchange grows, the platform’s loyal users will also enjoy growth in their profits with the added confidence of a truly decentralized environment.

Features of Soku Swap

The exchange offers various features, all of which are designed to give traders the best experience.

  1. AI flash loans are no longer intended for developers. Soku Swap enables users to make arbitrage trades without prior programming knowledge. Anyone using the platform can use it so that users can borrow assets without putting collateral as long as the said amount is returned to the log within the same block. If that fails, the transaction is rolled back as if it never happened. The most popular use case for flash loans is arbitrage trading. Users can take advantage of and benefit from price differences between different exchanges. The platform enables users to see whether or not the arbitrage trades they want are profitable with the help of AI.
  2. Soku Swap Boxes are another innovation Soku Swap introduces to help users capitalize on investment-worthy tokens. Every 2 weeks the Soku Swap team will go through a list of top gainers and trending tokens. Then each token is verified and researched before being added to the swap box. After that, users can purchase packages between $ 50 and $ 1,000 and choose the number of tokens they want to receive. The main idea behind it is to reduce the research effort for investors.
  3. The token verification tool ensures that traders have all the information and information about a token before making any investments. Thorough research on tokens is done by the Soku Swap team, who then provide traders with a score for each token. The score is based, among other things, on various factors such as liquidity, community, team members, contract codes. The goal of this feature is to prevent users from getting caught in fraudulent coins.
  4. In addition, users don’t have to worry about going through an extensive Know Your Customer (KYC) check. Since the exchange is completely decentralized, no documents or verifications need to be presented.
  5. Live 24/7 on-screen chat for better customer support in the DeFi ecosystem. Live on-screen chat is a feature offered by many exchanges. However, it is not tuned to the standard and full potential of Soku Swap. Instead, Soku Swap focuses on taking care of its community members by providing instant support and results, something other platforms have fails.
  1. Crypto awareness and education to develop a deeper understanding. Soku Swap’s fun and easy-to-understand videos and articles enable users to learn more about the crypto, blockchain, and DeFi industries. In addition, the platform provides incentives by offering them rewards in SOKU tokens for participating in these courses and for each successful referral.
  2. Governance tokens to enable real decentralization.

The SOKU token

The native SOKU token is a governance token that enables all holders to vote on decisions about changes and updates to the DEX and on the allocation of network resources. The token also enables processing fees for transactions and data storage, rewards users for cryptocurrency training courses, staking, and providing liquidity.

The SOKU token can be used during the first exchange offer on. to be bought LATOKEN from June 23.

Serving both the Ethereum and Binance communities, Soku swap is a decentralized exchange that caters to the needs of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency community. Soku Swap aims to make the DeFi space a safer place for all traders, whether new or experienced.

Step towards blockchain-based solutions safer than ever by examining newly listed projects on the exchange to check the validity of a token and to offer crypto training.

Not only does this help individual investors from losing capital, but it also protects the crypto ecosystem from potential hacks and scams while training new users who are just getting into the cryptocurrency space.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.

Leonicorn Swap starts viral campaign

Leonicorn Swap starts viral campaign

The Leonicorn Swap The platform has many features such as NFT, IDO and Lottery, making it the most advanced AMM platform for customers. It is the best marketplace that provides all users with liquidity trading opportunities for their market projects.

The best part of the platform is it makes it easy to buy and sell NFT, and raise other funding for any personalized projects, including IDO or IFO. It is decentralized with a natural network to provide advanced DeFi tools and products.

The platform’s success, like any other blockchain startup, depends on its community. The community must be active, appropriately engaged, and enthusiastic about all of these features provided. The products and services offered by the crypto projects are intended to provide the community with an intercepting platform for trading and selling.

Viral campaigns are part of success when it comes to getting any platform out there. In particular, the Lonicorn community did not disappoint. The community has massively accepted the various challenges and some have had the opportunity to win great prizes.

Leonicorn Swap explains on Twitter:

“More than 20 #Twitter influencers have teamed up to promote our $ 20,000 #giveaways campaign. We help the community, besides growing our project. Join our tg: t.me/leonicornswap Join our whitelist for public sales: leonicornswap.com # BinanceSmartChainpic.twitter.com / k2AVzcYqQH ”

Viral campaign with gamified contests

Leonicorn Swap plans to organize a prize drawing in the upcoming public auction. The campaign awards attractive prizes for achievements in the competitions in which the community takes part. The price is attractive in several ways. It offers a great opportunity to provide financial services for projects and meet customer demands.

The latest cash prize was awarded almost 24 hours ago and included:

“$ 200 giveaway to 1 random user. Follow us and retweet our pin. And take part in our TG: https://t.me/leonicornswap Also mark three friends in the comment. It ends in 24 hours. RocketFire #LEONICORNARMY #BinanceSmartChain #BSC ”

Other successful competitions have included quizzes, treasure hunts, and answers to clues that require re-checking of existing content. It encourages users to become familiar with the projects on the platform. In addition, the competitions are a great way to attract more participants for a higher chance of winning. The referral contests also provide a massive boost to the number of users.

Community challenges at the public sale

The public sale starts from June 25th to June 30th. With an allocation of no more than $ 3,000 and a minimum of $ 50, it’s easy to run community viral campaign challenges. The already existing and active community needs other exciting offers and optimism in order to increase their interest.

The challenges are useful in both games and quizzes, and in the current market era, meme challenges have had a significant impact. The DeFi room is full of memes and tech that Leonicorn is keen to see their viral campaigns go overboard.

A meme camping involves an invitation to community members to come up with different ideas and share them in a humorous way. The highest shared and profitable memes will receive prizes.

The invitation from Leonicorn Swap on Twitter reads:

“This weekend we’re starting a viral campaign with the hashtag #LEONICORNARMY. Thank you to everyone who has already joined our public sale whitelist. Let’s go viral together. #BSC #BinanceSmartChain #LEONICORNARMIE. “

Stay vigilant for all the new updates from the Leonicorn swap community to participate in these campaigns and win fantastic prizes. You can find more information on the various social media platforms for the Leonicorn swap team and its huge community.

Media contact

CEO Mofassair Hossain
Companies – Leonicorn Swap
E-mail- [email protected]

PR contact

Surname- Sourav Ghosal

Companies- News agency

E-mail- [email protected]

Team- News agency

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news / advice.

A big crypto scam in South Africa? Two brothers and 69,000 BTC went missing together

								  A big crypto scam in South Africa?  Two brothers and 69,000 BTC went missing together

Cape Town, South Africa-based cryptocurrency investment firm Africrypt allegedly stole nearly 70,000 bitcoins. The two brothers Ameer and Raees Cajee, who are the founders of the company, have disappeared.

The largest cryptocurrency scam in South Africa

Bloomberg reported that clients of the South African trading venue – Africrypt – were victims of a large bitcoin scam, in which 69,000 coins mysteriously went missing. With today’s prices, this sizable amount is worth around $ 2.3 billion.

The first signs of the fraud surfaced in mid-April, when bitcoin’s dollar value reached its ATH and was trading at around $ 65,000. At the same time, 69,000 coins suddenly disappeared from the platform. However, one of the founders, Ameer Cajee, told users that the company was the victim of a hack.

He went further, asking clients not to report the incident to the authorities or lawyers as it would slow down the search for missing assets.

Some investors, however, were skeptical of Cajee’s hacker version and began investigating the case with the help of the law firm Hanekom Attorneys. The company commented shortly after:

“We were immediately suspicious as the announcement pleaded with investors not to take legal action. Africrypt employees lost access to back-end platforms seven days before the alleged hack. “

During the investigation, Hanekom Attorneys found that the missing amount of BTC was transferred from the wallets of its South African clients to other large bitcoin pools. The operation made them virtually untraceable.

At the time of writing, the whereabouts of the two brothers are still unknown, while the Africrypt website is down.

Where else have such scams occurred?

The bitcoin scam in Cape Town is very reminiscent of the one with the Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Thodex a few months ago. How CryptoPotato reported, nearly 400,000 trading venue users have been banned from their accounts without being able to withdraw their funds.

Additionally, the platform’s website was down for several days, as local officials suggested that its CEO, Faruk Fatih Özer, had already fled the country with up to $ 2 billion worth of digital assets.

The Turkish authorities took the Thodex affair very seriously and immediately started investigations. In early May, they reported that six suspects linked to the fraud would be sent to prison. Interestingly, two of them were the brother and sister of the company’s CEO.

Faruk Özer may still be at large, but Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu assured that officials are making great efforts to capture him as they search for him in four different countries:

“When he gets caught with the red warning, we have extradition agreements with most of these countries. If God wills he will be captured and returned ”.


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BadgerDAO and DefiDollar bring interest-bearing Bitcoins to the Polygon network

								BadgerDAO and DefiDollar bring interest-bearing Bitcoins to the Polygon network

[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, 23rd June 2021]

BadgerDAO and DefiDollar proudly announce the launch of profitable DeFi Bitcoin solutions for the Polygon network. This marks another impressive milestone for decentralized financial solutions involving Bitcoin.

DAO rate has focused much of its attention on enabling native Bitcoin support for decentralized finance. The world’s leading cryptocurrency is incompatible with this underlying concept due to its lesser appeal involving smart contracts. Thanks to these BadgerDAO efforts, the team has achieved over $ 500 million in Total Value Locked. Additionally, the team created vault, SETT and bridge to bring Bitcoin to Ethereum DeFi, allowing the industry to acquire broader liquidity.

BadgerDAO and DeFiDollar are pioneers in DeFi and we are excited to see the possibilities unlocked by profitable Bitcoin in Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem. Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder – Polygon.

To accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin in DeFi it is necessary to expand across multiple networks. As Polygon has experienced explosive growth over the past few months, it fits perfectly. BadgerDAO and DefiDollar recently launched ibBTC – Interest Bearing Bitcoin as a joint venture. That product is accessible on the Polygon network, as the ecosystem has successfully seen heavy use of BTC in Aave and SushiSwap, among other protocols. Today, a total of $ 1.3 billion in BTC is used on this network, a number that is likely to increase in the coming months.

To implement the profitable Bitcoin solution on Polygon, there will be three steps to complete:
Introducing the profitable Bitcoin solution on Polygon with an incentive to take advantage of the BTC bridge
Create deep liquidity pools on SushiSwap for ibBTC / WBTC, creating convenient swaps with Wrapped Bitcoin. This approach also gives way to optimal yield farming strategies involving BTC on Polygon.

Future implementation of ibBTC after the completion of the launches of Badger Bridge and Sept.

Considering how there are other versions of Bitcoin, such as BTCB on Binance Smart Chain and Wrapped Bitcoin [WBTC] on Ethereum, there is a certain degree of fragmentation to deal with.

Creating a more liquid and composable iteration of Bitcoin across multiple chains will happen through the effort of ibBTC. Users will be able to transfer value between different chains within the same ecosystem. Those who hold their Bitcoin will continuously earn interest. The choice of Polygon as one of the first supported chains highlights the potential of this ecosystem and the role it can play in Bitcoin-related DeFi products and services.
Polygon information

Polygon is the first well-structured and easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its main component is Polygon SDK, a modular and flexible framework that supports the creation and connection of protected chains such as Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium, etc. And standalone chains like Polygon POS, designed for flexibility and independence. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with over 400 Dapps, ~ 380 million txns, and ~ 1.6 million unique users.

If you are an Ethereum developer, you are already a Polygon developer! Take advantage of Polygon’s fast and secure txns for your Dapp, start here.

About BadgerDAO

BadgerDAO is an open source and decentralized automated organization dedicated to building products and infrastructure to simplify the use of Bitcoin (BTC) as collateral on many smart contract platforms.

About DefiDollar

DeFiDollar is a Multichain DeFi Protocol lab that has products spanning indices and option-based synthetics in its portfolio.


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